Pregnacy without toxin

The pregnancy is a very important moment in our babies´construction. This is the period of the formation of their organs and the ensemble of the physical elements which will enable them to benefit a great health in the future.
During his first months within his mother’s uterus, the foetus is especially sensitive to his environment. […]

3 #plasticpollution campains we like

When we opened our plastic-free shop, we knew our project where a little original not to say bizarre to a lot of people here in Europe.
Our aim was to explain that live without plastic is possible and necessary to change the present consumption model in place, and we also insisted that our project was […]

How plastic is harming animals

We know that plastic is a great problem for both, the environment and human health. Nevertheless, nowadays, the first victims of plastic are land and sea animals.
Each year, millions of animals of more than 300 species eat plastic ,and 100.000 of sea mammals and 12 million seabirds die because of plastic.
Why do animals eat […]

Tips to say goodbye to plastic bottles

Every day in the world, we use millions of plastic bottles and many end up in the environment.
These bottles are the main plastic waste we can find in the oceans. Indeed, too often, plastic bottle caps are found in sea animals’ stomach. They mistake them with food and eat them. As a result, the […]

Tips to stimulate children’s respect for the environment

When we mention environment we mean everything around us. We tend to link it only to nature and its problems of pollution, waste, or climate change. However, environment is a concept that also includes humans, their way of relating, their values and culture.
Children, who are very receptive, sensitive and committed to what we teach […]

We eat our plastic waste

In 2010, 8 out of the 275 tons of plastic waste produced in the world ended up in the ocean. For several years now, many scientists have spoken out about the worrying consequences of plastic pollution, and among them the contamination of the food chain on which we all depend.
The core issue: microbeads ocean […]