#ILivePlasticfree Challenges

Pregnacy without toxin

The pregnancy is a very important moment in our babies´construction. This is the period of the formation of their organs and the ensemble of the physical elements which will enable them to benefit a great health in the future.
During his first months within his mother’s uterus, the foetus is especially sensitive to his environment. […]

Interview with Carlos Prada from Hogar Sin Tóxicos (Toxin-free Home)

Tips for a plastic-free beauty

Cooking plastic free

From the beginning, at Sinplástico we have considered that focus only on the ingredients we use to prepare what we eat regardless of where we cook does not make any sense. The materials of the utensils and containers we use to prepare our meals can also have multiple hazards.
Which materials do you have to […]

Healthy Containers for Healthy Food

We start this month with a new #IlivePlasticFree challenge.
One of the reasons that led us to create Sinplástico was seeing how we spend such amount of time and money when buying healthy and quality food and then keep it, transport it and reheat it in unhealthy plastic containers.
Why should we give up our plastic […]

Say goodbye to plastic bags when you go shopping

Let’s start the #ILivePlasticFree challenges!