Responsible consumption

Biodegradable plastics are not the solution

Car free day

Car Free Day on 22 September is an individual and collective reflection on car use in the city and part of an approach to promote a greener and sustainable mobility. Each participating city is compelled to limit traffic in a given area and provide benefits for alternative transport. It is, therefore, a pedagogical proposal, […]

Say goodbye to plastic bags when you go shopping

4 things with plastic you’d never expect

Plastic wastes on our beaches

4 tips for plastic-free holidays

World Environment Day 2015

On June 5th, we celebrate the World Environment Day (WED), a global celebration that aims to raise awareness about the need to safeguard our environment. This date was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 as a vehicle to raise public awareness on the importance of the environment, promoting political attention and […]

Tips for a plastic-free home cleaning

Cleaning is one of the most plastic consuming activities. The packaging of cleaning products, disposable wipes, synthetic sponges or brushes fulfill our homes with plastic that can be easily avoided following these simple tips:

First, ask yourself whether you really need the product you are going to buy.
Much of the marketing of cleaning products is […]