A plastic free life role model

Two Hands Project

Everyday we are more and more the people who are concerned about our health and the environment. More and more those who are taking steps to leave this world a better place than we found it. And when it comes to plastic, we are more and more who are becoming aware of the problem […]

The Johnson family: a zero waste life is posible

In Europe, the average of waste production for a family is about 2 tonnes a year. Knowing that only 25% of this waste is recycled, we can imagine the impact on environment, health and economy. That is why, the statement that the best way to manage waste is not producing it, is, nowadays more […]

Portrait: Beth Terry, Plastic free life is possible

First of all is to greet everybody a happy new year. We face 2015 filled with new and exciting challenges and from Sinplástico we want to encourage you to continue taking steps to reduce our dependence on disposable plastic.
To start the year optimistically, we want to bring up, as positive and inspiring example, the […]

Once upon a time there was an austrian family…

We are not the first to realize about the problems plastic causes. In fact, we are glad to embrace many other initiatives which promote similar values.
The first initiative we want to present you in this blog is probably one of the most widely-known:. It is Sandra Kreutwaschl’s, a physiotherapist who lives with her family […]