Plastic pollution


This is what you are thinking about when the person at the checkout asks you whether you would like bags. And you, as you have been living plastic-free for a while, look around, grab a paper one and smile with relief. Another plastic-free day for the tally.
But, have you ever asked yourself if choosing […]

Eco-friendly alternatives to plastic scourers

Scourers are one of those daily items that are now being made from plastic. This type of scourer poses 3 significant problems for the environment: Firstly, they come over-packaged in plastic; secondly, when it is time to change them, they are not recyclable and they turn into waste that ends up in an incinerator […]

Shampoo bars benefits

Shampoo bars are the best alternatives for your hair. Liquid shampoos are usually made with synthetic substances like paraben and silicones that can be harmful for your scalp, your hair and the planet. They usually make oily hair more oily and dry hair even dryer.
A solution to these problems caused by traditional shampoos is […]

3 #plasticpollution campains we like

When we opened our plastic-free shop, we knew our project where a little original not to say bizarre to a lot of people here in Europe.
Our aim was to explain that live without plastic is possible and necessary to change the present consumption model in place, and we also insisted that our project was […]

We eat our plastic waste

In 2010, 8 out of the 275 tons of plastic waste produced in the world ended up in the ocean. For several years now, many scientists have spoken out about the worrying consequences of plastic pollution, and among them the contamination of the food chain on which we all depend.
The core issue: microbeads ocean […]

Biodegradable plastics are not the solution

Plastic wastes on our beaches