At SinPlástico we have decided to break away from the traditional January sales. We are doing this for a specific reason. We do not want you to buy products just because they are cheap, that perhaps in reality you don’t even need. Even if the products are ours.

The annual sales support a fast moving consumer model that does not represent us and that we want you to help us to stand up against. Therefore, we have opted to turn the first sales of the year on their head and start 2019 by giving back to the earth just a small portion of what the earth gives us.



Starting today until the end of the month, we will be donating 5% of your total purchase to Surfrider Foundation Europe, who work to protect and care for our oceans. This organisation (amongst other things) takes responsibility for raising awareness about the plastic waste engulfing our coastlines and seas around the world.



Surfrider Foundation Europe, is a worlwide non-benefit organization dedicated to ocean, reviers and waves since 1990. It works on research, mobilisation and education and is a reference in data collection.

Find more on there social media:



help us to take care of the planet this January. If you know that you need something from Sinplástico, and for some reason you still haven’t bought it, do it now! The world’s seas and oceans will thank you.