We know that your opinion is decided, just like ours: a truly sustainable product is one that, is also made locally and under fair working conditions.

That is why at Sinplástico it makes us happy to confirm that the items our customers like best are plastic-free products that are made here in Spain.

These products:

  • Travel the least number of kilometres from where they are made and their final destination, your home.
  • Are made in a responsible fair way by craftsmen and women, small businesses and/or family run enterprises.
  • Have a positive social impact, on the local economy and contribute to employment in the surrounding area.
  • Offer good value for money.
  • Deliver exceptional quality.

Would you like to be introduced to some of these types of products?

Well, check out the blog post we have prepared for you today:

14 Spanish-made Plastic-free products that are Top Sellers on our Website

1. Reusable Organic Cotton Produce Bags made in the South of Spain – 10 bags for €26

This set of reusable organic cotton bags are made in Spain and have been one of the bestselling zero waste products since we started back in 2014. They are perfect for taking with you everywhere you go, stashed in your backpack or handbag. They make weighing your bulk shopping fast and easy.

What those who have tried them say: “I would really recommend them if you buy in bulk. The sizes are perfect”.

2. Plant-based Loofah Scourer, grown in Pontevedra, Spain – € 3.05

If washing your dishes and counter tops with a plant seems weird, when you try this plant-based biodegradable sponge, grown in Galicia, Northern Spain, you are bound to change your mind. For this reason, it is one of the most sort after products at Sinplástico.

What those who have tried them say: “I am in love with it, a good size, practical and biodegradable. It cleans without scratching any surfaces”.

3. Natural and Biodegradable Loofah Sponge, grown in Pontevedra, Spain – € 3.20

Loofah is not only good for washing up the pots & pans, you may also be surprised by how great it is as a 100% biodegradable sponge in the bath or shower. Never before has a plant from Galicia had so many different uses.

What those who use them say: I started using them and I’ve never looked back, and others in my family have tried them and have joined the bandwagon”.

4. Zorro d’avi Calendula Soap for Sensitive Skin made in Zamora, Spain – € 7.45

If you have sensitive skin, it tends to be on the dry side, your suffer from rosacea and/or your skin is easily irritated, there is nothing better than this handcrafted soap made with love, in the heart of Zamora. It’s a welcomed tonic for skin that needs it most.

What those who have used it say: We use it as hand soap and for showering the whole family. It’s very gentle on the skin”.

5. Matarrania Organic Creamy Soap made in Teruel, Spain – € 10.30

Few soaps have a legion of loyal fans like this organic mouse soap from Matarrania, a skincare brand based in Teruel, central Spain. Gentle, long-lasting, and with a delicious smell… We are not the only ones to say so. You just have to click and see the comments made by our customers about their experience with this product.

What those who’ve tried it say:This soap really is amazing, it smells good, it foams up easily, it leaves your skin feeling marvellous, I wash with it everyday”.

6. Organic Makeup Remover and Cleansing Lotion by Matarrania, made in Teruel, Spain – € 17.60

Cleanse, remove your makeup and moisturise as if there were no tomorrow. This cleansing lotion does it all, leaving your face in perfect condition. Made in Teruel, central Spain, this facial lotion is in high demand in our e-shop. A pleasure to use, as part of your daily skincare regime.

What those who try it say: “An essential in my toiletry bag. An all-in-1, able to remove all types of makeup and the fact that the packaging is glass is fundamental for me, as I try to avoid all types of unnecessary plastic packaging.”.

7. Organic Cotton Washable Makeup Removal Pads made in Catalonia, Spain – € 3.30

Say goodbye to disposable makeup removal pads. With these super soft organic cotton terry towelling makeup removal pads you will not need to use single-use cotton wool again. And they last for years.

What those who have tried them say: “Very soft and they dry quickly ready for their next use. I love them”.

8. Acorella Organic Cotton Period Underwear, made in Catalonia, Spain – €29.00

Te lo prometemos: no has experimentado la comodidad suprema hasta que no has probado unas bragas menstruales en tus días de regla. Su algodón orgánico transpira y no aprieta, mientras que su absorbencia evita escapes indeseados. Si todavía no lo has hecho, tienes que probarlas ya.

Qué dicen quienes la prueban: Son súper cómodas y la mejor alternativa para mí al uso de las compresas habituales. Duran mucho más que las compresas y sin olor, son muy muy fáciles de lavar, tanto a mano como en lavadora, no manchan para nada absorben muy bien”.

9. Regular Flow Daytime Fabric Period Pads made in Catalonia, Spain – €11.00

Are you not sold on the period underpants? No problem, because we have some fabric period pads for you. Responsibly made in Spain, they are soft, comfortable and come with built-in metal poppers so that they don’t move around.

What those who have used them say: “It’s so good, very comfortable and soft. I just love it”.

10. Beeswax and Jojoba Wraps made in Cantabria, Spain – € 6.20

No aluminium foil, no plastic containers. The preferred swap for Sinplástico customers is made by hand in northern Spain. It is the most practical option when it comes to storing and transporting your food. You also have a vegan option made from plant-based wax available here.

Qué dicen quienes lo prueban: “​​Muy práctico y fácil de manejar. Parece que tenemos regalitos en la nevera”.

11. Organic Cotton Bread Bag made in Catalonia, Spain – € 8.50

This bread bag is the BEST, and we are not just saying so. This super selling bread bag has it all: it’s good value, it’s hard-wearing, it’s a generous size (it can hold numerous baguettes) and to top it off it’s attractive too.

What those who use it say: “It’s size is perfect to fit baguettes for all the family. Very practical”.

12. Boxwood Kitchen Spatula crafted in the north of Spain – € 8.40

100% biodegradable and made from sustainably grown boxwood, this traditional-style cooking spatula is a basic item in any good kitchen. Say goodbye to synthetic silicone utensils, and say hello to this boxwood alternative.

What those who’ve used them say: “​Very practical for moving around and serving food. It comes up impeccably after a good clean”.

13. Recycled Glass Bottle made in Valencia, Spain – € 8.90

San Miguel Glass (a Valencian company) is behind this beauty, made from recycled glass. A robust, but beautiful bottle made from 100% eco-friendly materials, that will put a smile on your face every time you look at it.

What those who have tried it say: “It is really pretty and the cork stopper is great”.

14. Stainless Steel Tumblers made in Vitoria, the Basque Country – € 6.50

Do you have a toddler at home? Planning a picnic with friends? A family camping trip on the weekend, perhaps? These indestructible stainless steel tumblers will be perfect for all these occasions… and more… Manufactured only a few kilometres down the road from our warehouse, they are of unquestionably high quality, and we are sure that they will get passed down from generation to generation.

What those who have tried them say: “Cups for a lifetime, and to top it off they are very attractive”.


We hope that you have liked this selection of plastic-free products made here in Spain.

Remember, if you are not sure which eco-friendly product to go for, be sure to choose the local one.


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