“Living plastic-free is expensive”, “zero waste is for rich people”, “I can’t afford to buy in bulk”. No doubt some of these comments sound familiar, right?

Although it is true, that in general, plastic-free products cost more, it is also true that following a plastic-free lifestyle is also cheaper.

Does that sound like a contradiction to you? Sure does, right?

Well, we want to assure you that it isn’t, and that you can convince others around you of this argument with 3 simple reasons:

3 money saving reasons that will help you to convince your inner circle to go zero waste


  1. When you reduce plastic, you buy less

The first argument for saving money is so simple that it’s true. Once you start reducing plastic you will stop buying certain products (food, cleaning products, skincare products, etc.), that up until now you may have thought to be essential.

One of the advantages of starting out on your plastic-free journey is that you realise that you don’t need so many things, and therefore you spend less.


  1. Buying in bulk is cheaper

Even though the product you are going to buy is more expensive (e.g. quality organic rice in bulk vs a no name basic white rice), it is also true that you only buy what you need. And that, over the long-term, results in considerable savings.

And if you are still not convinced, check out what Monica says, one of the people interviewed for our Real plastic-free homes series: “There are people who say it is more expensive. Yes, it is more expensive but the quality is also higher. And I have to say that I end up saving a lot of money. I used to spend 175 Euros a week shopping at cheap supermarkets, and now I spend 140 Euros on plastic-free food and cleaning products”.


  1. Zero waste shopping is an investment in the future

Have you ever heard of “programmed obsolescence”? It’s a strategy that some brands use so that their products stop working after just a few years. This way they ensure you have to go out and buy another one.

Well, you can forget about obsolescence with most zero waste products, because if you take good care of them they will often last forever.

Here we can give you a few examples:

As you can see, the philosophy behind our plastic-free products is the exact opposite to that of conventional senseless buying that is the basis of the commercial world we live in. A world in which we can replace a shaver every 2 days, we can buy a different bottle of water every time we are thirsty, and in which we wrap our food in bags or plastic film that we later throw away as soon as we get home.

It also means that, even though these plastic-free alternatives are a little more pricey in the beginning, they are a good investment because in the long-term they end up very affordable.

What is better, buying a bottle of water for 85 cents a day, everyday, or buying a reusable bottle that will last you a lifetime for 24.95 Euros? Within 30 days, you have gotten your money back with the second option.

The money saving argument that everyone should take the time to read

If you still think that some plastic-free products are just too expensive, we need to tell you something: you often get what you pay for, but this doesn’t just relate to the quality of the product, you are also paying for; a fair wage for those making it, decent working rights, responsible manufacturing for the planet, paying taxes in the country where you are doing business etc.

The precarious working conditions of people who are manufacturing consumer products ends up having ramifications for those who use it.

So, if we buy a dubious products just because they are cheap, we are contributing to a system that puts profits before the wellbeing of its people, and this can affect us all at any time.

We hope we have given you the reasons you need to convince those around you that living plastic-free, in reality, is not so expensive 🙂

If you’d like, remember that there is still time to join the Plastic Free July challenge, it can help to get you on your path towards achieving your plastic-free goals.


Plastic Free July – Take the challenge

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