On May 15th, here in Spain, we celebrate “All that is Rural Day” and we don’t want this day to go by, without recognising the importance of country towns when it comes to taking care of the environment.

What do we mean? We acknowledge that without the people who live, work and take care of the land, those of us who live in the cities would not have enough food to eat and we would be affected by the consequences of environmental disasters, like forest fires and loss of biodiversity, much more frequently.

This is why at Sinplastico we are great supporters of those who choose to learn from those around them, who live on the land, starting projects that are also beneficial to the planet as a whole.

Today, we would like to share with you some such rural zero waste brands that we have been working with for years now in our online shop.


4 Plastic-free brands that are based in the country and that you need to know about

  1. Matarrania – natural skincare made in Teruel, eastern Spain.

Matarrania is a ground-breaking brand of natural skincare that comes packaged in glass. But that’s not all, they are also a responsible rural initiative led by Evelyn Celma who comes from Peñarroya de Tastavins, a small village in the province of Teruel, with a population of less than 500.

Using traditional botanical knowledge and know-how along with high-quality local olive oil as its base, Matarrania has developed an ample range in which you can find everything you need to take good care of your skin: moisturising creams, exfoliating scrubs, skin toners, massaging body oils, shaving oils, bicarb-free deodorants, restorative balms and foaming soap for sensitive skin.

Our customers’ favourite Matarrania products:

“An essential item in my wash bag. An all-in-one, it removes all types of make-up and the fact that the packaging is glass is really important to me, as I try and avoid all types of unnecessary plastic packaging”.


“Perfect when pregnant, I can feel my skin is hydrated and deeply nourished (and without any toxic ingredients)”.



“We use this product on our little one and they have never had a red bottom. Every time a friend of mine announces they are pregnant I include one of these in the basket of presents and it’s always well received. Everyone of them loves it!”.


  1. Zorro D’Avi Soap, eco-friendly soap from Zamora, Spain.

From the small municipality of Puebla de Sanabria, with less than 1,500 inhabitants, the entrepreneur Avelina Cuñado and her family have launched and developed this brand of solid soaps, that has now become a reference for others.

With their soaps and solid shampoo bars Zorro D’Avi have become famous amongst zero waste circles, and they have also dared to expand their range to include stain removing soaps, soap for washing the dishes, facial clay masks, skincare balms & even dog shampoo bars.


Our customers’ Zorro D’Avi favourites:

“Fantastic for removing stains from delicate clothes, for stubborn stains I just leave them to soak and it works well”.



“I just love Calendula on my kids’ skin and even better that it is a 100% natural product!! Totally recommend it!!”.


“It leaves hair moisturised, and foams up gently making it a pleasure to wash one’s hair. It lasts for ages and is really good quality, terrific value”.



  1. Ibérica de esponjas vegetales, plant-based biodegradable loofah sponges and scourers from Pontevedra, Spain (just north of Portugal).

The town of Caldas de Reis is the epicentre of this loofah cultivating brand, that has managed to enable us to scrub our bodies as well as wash our pots and pans with a type of courgette… and we love doing it.

In addition to the classic loofah body sponges and scrubbing pads, Ibérica de esponjas vegetales has also developed loofah rounds for facial exfoliation, loofah soap holders and loofah hand mitts.


Our customers’ favourite Ibérica de esponjas vegetales products are:

“I have fallen in love with it, it’s a good size, it’s practical and it’s biodegradable. It cleans without scratching, on any surface”.


“A lot softer than I expected and they give a great result”.



“This is the best sponge I have ever had for showering every day, totally natural and it leaves behind a clean feeling, having massaged and exfoliated”.



  1. Vetas & Virutas, handmade wooden toys made in Sevilla

Vetas & Virutas is a small independent brand of wooden toys created by Sonia and Alex in the small town of Andalucia.

Put together using sustainable materials using traditional artisan techniques, each toy is unique. We are certain that when you take look at their puzzles, Montessori-style packs of treasures, wooden building sets and creative memory games you will fall in love with them too.


Our customers’ Vetas & Virutas favourites:

“Exactly what babies need, and to top it off they’re made right here in Spain!”.


Rural Plastic-free Initiatives: An Unstoppable Movement

As you can see, the zero waste movement does not belong solely to the city. In fact, when it comes to plastic-free living many inspiring brands have been born and are still being born in country towns and villages.

Let’s support them.

At Sinplastico we love working with small, local, family-run businesses, both those in the big smoke and those out in the countryside.

Get to know all of them in our online shop:



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