4 Picnic Essentials That Are Made Here In The Basque Country And Will Last A Lifetime

Are we the only ones who can’t wait for Spring to get here?

The evenings get longer, which means we can head outdoors into the mountains in the afternoon, meet after school or work for a snack in the park… Ah, yes that feeling of the sun on our face does us good and makes Spring such a happy time of year.

If you too enjoy the outdoors, this blog post, about basic essentials for enjoying plastic-free picnics, will get you packing your backpack and planning of your next hike almost immediately.

Here we want to tell you a little more about 4 camping basics that you are going to love for the following reasons:

  • Good value: you can buy most of them for less than €10 each.
  • Eco-friendly: they are made from stainless steel, a plastic-free hard-wearing material.
  • Support good health: they do not contain any bisphenols, phthalates or any toxic chemicals.
  • Lightweight: you can take them with you everywhere.
  • Virtually unbreakable: they with not rust and should last you a lifetime.
  • For the whole family: even babies and young children can use them.
  • Made right here: in the Basque Country, Spain – less than 60km from our warehouse.

So, now you know, whether you are going camping, heading on a road trip with the campervan, or enjoying a spontaneous picnic at the park or at the beach… these 4 products are all you’ll need.

4 Picnic Essentials That Are Made In The Basque Country And Will Last You Forever


  1. Stainless Steel Cups (with a handle or without)

Everyone who tries these out is hooked, and starts taking them along everywhere they go. We can vouch for them ourselves, we tried them out with our kids and we liked them so much that they have now travelled all around the Pyrenees with our family.

They are so lightweight that you won’t even notice them in your backpack, and the tumbler version (without a handle) is stackable, making them an even better space saving option. They are a real find!

What do our customers say:

“I’m super happy, I bought them to take to work, so I wouldn’t have to use a plastic cup when I wanted some water. I love them”.

“I love this cup. It doesn’t weigh a thing and it’s very practical”.

“Cups that will last a lifetime, and they are pretty too”.


Stainless Steel Tumbler – €6.50

Stainless Steel Cup with a handle – €7.60

Set of 4 Stainless Steel Tumblers – €24.00

Set of 4 Stainless Steel Cups with handles – €29.50


  1. Stainless Steel Picnic Plates (with a handle or without)

Here is another classic camping essential that you need for those Spring picnics. Stackable, lightweight, easy to clean, hard-wearing…

The plate with an incorporated handle is perfect for hanging on the outside of your backpack if you don’t have much room inside. The classic design (without a handle) is so attractive that you may even want to use it at home. You’ll love it.

What our customers tell us:

“These are really good, an lifelong investment!”.

“The best price on the market”.

“Perfect for mealtime with my little one. Super light for when we eat out”.


14cm Stainless Steel Plate – €3.20

22cm Stainless Steel Plate with a handle – €6.40€


  1. Stainless Steel Camping Cutlery

Yes, you could take your own cutlery from your kitchen drawer when you go camping, but no doubt they are not as light or practical as these ones.

This cutlery set comes with an inbuilt hook to keep the 3 pieces together, this helps to stop you loosing them when not in use. Bonus, right?

What our customers have to say about them:

“The hook in the centre is a great idea to keep them all together. Without a doubt, this product is very useful if you like going on picnics, camping or having lunch at the beach”.

“The hook and eye system to keep the 3 pieces of cutlery together is very practical, it helps you to keep the 3 piece set together, so none get left behind by mistake. The spoon is a generous size and with enough of an angle built-in so you can use it to eat soup. They are well made and solid”.

“A good addition for outdoor excursions. The little hook helps to keep the 3 pieces of cutlery snugly joined together”.


Stainless Steel Camping Cutlery (knife, fork and spoon – with a can & bottle opener incorporated) – €7.50

Set of Stainless Steel Camping Cutlery (knife, fork & spoon) – €7.50


  1. Classic Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Who doesn’t remember Sunday outings in the countryside with a packed lunch in the back of the car?

This classic is just as functional now as it was 50 years ago. Which is why we still stock them in various styles and sizes, so that you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

What our customers have to say:

“Easy to clean, light and great for taking food on the go, as well as storing leftovers in the fridge”.

“Very easy to use and practical”.

“I am very happy with it. We have already used it and it really worked well, it also keeps food hot for a signifiant amount of time”.




Stainless Steel Lunch Box with 2 plates – 20cm diameter – €25.905

Stainless Steel Lunch Box with 4 plates – 20cm diameter – €34.60

Oval Stainless Steel Lunch Box with 2 plates – 18cm diameter – €21.40


What do you think of these 4 picnic basics?

We use them all the time when outdoors or heading on excursions. We combine them with 2 other essentials that make being outside a breeze and help us to enjoy the benefits of nature plastic-free:

Other essential items for enjoying the outdoors plastic-free:


Stainless Steel Insulated Drink Bottle – €31.50

Perfect for keeping your water cool or your cuppa coffee or tea piping hot.

Double Layered Organic Cotton Napkin – €3.30

The best way to avoid stains, suitable for the whole family (big and small).


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