No doubt when you started reducing the plastic in your life and began discovering alternatives that came packaging in aluminium and cardboard it was a whole new world, right?

Well, now how about taking the next step. That means not just eliminating the plastic around you, but also making things your own by using the containers you have lying around.

Sounds good, right?

So, in order to get you moving ahead with your zero waste routine we have prepared the following:

  • This blog post that shows you 4 basic hygiene products that are eco-friendly and refillable.
  • A 10% discount on these new PAOS refillable shower gels.

4 refillable basic hygiene products perfect for your zero waste routine

1. NEW- PAOS Eco-friendly and refillable shower gel

If you have not really “gelled” with using a solid bar of soap, or you miss your little shower gel bottle when you go to the gym or swimming pool, this refillable organic powdered body wash is for you.

Its practical size, not too big not too small, is ideal for taking on holidays and the selection og natural aromas of almond milk, lemon verbena and lotus flower will mean showers will become a moment of the day you can enjoy..

  • How it works:

Did you know that 80% of what makes up a gel is water? It is incredible to think that all those conventional shower gel bottles could be significantly reduced in size (and thereby the amount of plastic they use), if only the brands sold them in a powdered form instead of a gel.

Well, this is exactly what crossed the minds of those working at PAOS, and they now offer you a powdered gel that will last as long as a regular bottle of shower gel, but in a tiny refillable container.

To use it, you just need to pour a small amount of the powder onto wet hands and rub them together. You will see how the powder starts to foam up and you can apply it from head to toe.

  • How to refill it:

When you first buy the product you can buy it in its own aluminium bottle (only the lid is plastic, but if you take care of it, this packaging can last for years of reuse):

PAOS organic powdered shower gel: almond milk – €7.95


PAOS organic powdered shower gel: lemon verbena – €7.95

PAOS organic powdered shower gel: lotus flower – €7.95

When you run out and need a replacement, you will only need to buy a PAOS refill, these paper sachets are not coated in plastic and are 100% recyclable:

PAOS Refill for the organic powdered shower gel: almond milk – €6.95

PAOS Refill for the organic powdered shower gel: lemon verbena – €6.95

PAOS Refill for the organic powdered shower gel: lotus flower – €6.95

As always, before stocking a new product in our store, we make sure we have tried it and we have to say that this gel is MAGIC: easy to use and carry around, moisturising, toxin-free, eco-friendly, refillableone can’t ask for more.

As we would like you to try this latest addition, we are offering you 10% OFF the PAOS gels, for the next X days.

2. PAOS Natural Toothpaste Tablets

Would you like to be able to forget about those plastic tubes of toothpaste forever? But perhaps you have not yet been totally convinced by the toothpaste tablets or dental powder you have tried to date. It may be time to try out these chewable toothpaste tablets from PAOS.

They come in 3 flavours: fresh mint, iced mint (stronger) and strawberry (perfect for kids), all of which will keep your breath fresh and your teeth clean just like traditional toothpastes.

  • How they work:

You just have to chew up a tablet and then brush your teeth straight away. Pretty easy, right?

  • What our customers say:

“A great way to reduce plastic. Good flavour”.

“Easy to use, good flavour, hygienic and refillable”.

  • How to refill them:

The first time you purchase these teeth tabs you have the option of buying a small glass jar of 100 tablets (with an aluminium lid):

PAOS Natural Toothpaste Tablets: Fresh Mint – €9.95

PAOS Natural Toothpaste Tablets: Iced Mint – €9.95

PAOS Natural Toothpaste Tablets: Strawberry – €9.95

The next time you want more toothpaste you can buy the refill of 125 tabs that comes in a paper sachet this is NOT plastic-lined and IS totally recyclable.

PAOS Natural Toothpaste Tablet Refill: Fresh Mint – €9.95

PAOS Natural Toothpaste Tablet Refill: Iced Mint – €9.95

PAOS Natural Toothpaste Tablet Refill: Strawberry – €9.95

Or a family-sized value pack refill of 1200 tabs:

PAOS Natural Toothpaste Tablet Refill: Fresh MintFamily-sized refill – €89.90

PAOS Natural Toothpaste Tablet Refill: Iced Mint Family-sized refill – €89.90

PAOS Natural Toothpaste Tablet Refill: Strawberry Family-sized refill – €89.90

3. Natural, 100% biodegradable & Refillable Dental Floss

Complement your dental hygiene routine perfectly with this plastic-free and 100% biodegradable dental floss that you can refill whenever you need to.

Manufactured in Germany from natural silk and coated in beeswax for optimum gliding ability between teeth, it will become an essential part of your day to day.

  • How it works:

Exactly the same as regular dental floss. Use it together with regular brushing and slide it gently between your teeth after every meal.

  • What our customers say:

I love this product, I’m an dental specialist and I use and recommend dental floss a lot, and I love being able to buy this one that is environmentally friendly! Thank you!!”.

I have been looking for plastic-free dental floss for some time now and I was unable to find it in any shops on the high street. It works well and the container is so small that it doesn’t take up any space at all, you can take it with you wherever you like. It’s even better that regular dental floss”.

  • How to refill it:

This natural dental floss is sold in a glass and aluminium dispenser that is specifically designed to enable you to cut the exact amount of dental floss you require.

When you run out of floss, you can refill the glass cannister time and time again, we will send you all the refills you need in a recyclable paper sachet straight from the Sinplastico warehouse:

Natural Biodegradable Dental Floss (10m) – €4.40

Natural Biodegradable Dental Floss Refill (2x10m) – €5.20

4. Pachamamaï Natural Refillable Deodorant Bar

 Using a solid deodorant bar is in itself a step in the right direction: But using one that is also refillable as well as being effective and gentle on your skin… that really is another level.

That is why we like this refillable natural deodorant by Pachamamaï, whose products we have been selling in our online store for years now, and who have a legion of faithful customers.

  • How it works:

Simply apply by gently rubbing the deodorant bar on your skin. In cool climates, you can put in warm water, if required, to soften it a little.

  • What our customers say:

I am buying this deodorant again. It is effective, practical, one can take it anywhere… To me, it’s perfect!”.

Wonderful, it covers a lot and is very convenient for travelling, the best one I have tried”.

  • How to refill it:

For your initial purchase you can buy this deodorant bar in a small aluminium tin, choosing the version that best suits your needs, either Fresh Up or Cocoon (suitable for sensitive skin):

Natural Deodorant Bar: Fresh Up – €13.50

Natural Deodorant Bar: Cocoon – €13.50

And down the track, when you run out, you can buy however many refill bars you need. We will send you them (both if you buy 1, but also if you buy 5) in a single recyclable brown paper bag, free from any plastic coatings.Natural Deodorant Bar Refill: Fresh Up – €11.50

Natural Deodorant Bar Refill: Cocoon – €11.50

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