Summer holidays are here, and we wanted to share with you some easy and very useful tips to avoid a jump in your plastic consumption.

During the holidays we change our habits and it can be complicated to find plastic-free alternative where we are on vacation. Following these simple recommendations you will be able to avoid a great part of the plastic during summertime.

1. Use reusable glass or stainless steel bottles

To stay hydrated in hot summer days, the best is to have a reusable bottle with you, that you can refill easilly and so avoid the expense and all the waste that creates bottled water. Also, remember that the heat facilitates the filtration of plastic’s harmful substances in the water.

Sinplástico’s trick: We use an isothermal flak so that our beverage stays cool all day long.

2. Say NO to straws

Plastic straws are one of the most common waste we can find in the oceans. And even if the straws are fun to use, don’t forget that you will use it a few minutes and it will stay hundreds of years in the nature.

Sinplástico’s trick: To avoid them, we tell the person who serves us in the moment of the order that we don’t want a straw.  And if you are a real fan of drinking straw, you can use reusable ones made of stainless steel!

3. Buy in local shop and farmer’s markets bringing your own bags

Whether we stay home or we travel, we can enjoy the holiday time to buy differently: prefer local shops, go to farmer’s markets and use our own bags and baskets. It is a great moment to experiment and implement new ways to consume that can become habits for the rest of the year.

Sinplástico’s trick: We always have a couple of cloth shopping bags in our bag, car or  beach basket. This way, we do not need to accept plastic bags for our unexpected purchases.

4. Use reusable picnicware

Vacation are usually the opportunity to have picnics on the beach or in the country side. Also, it often involves long trips with stops for lunch. To avoid the wastes of the food packaging and disposable dinnerware, and the health issue the represents, you can go for reusable cutlery, plates, glasses and lunch boxes. It is a much more ecological and economic option.

Sinplástico’s trick: We always have a stainless steel cutlery set by us so we can cope with any kind of snacks. They are ligthweigth and the substitue to plastic forks and spoons. The same with a reusable glass that will allow you to buy some cool drinks to go without using plastic glasses. Also, you can use it as a cup for ice cream if you are not the cornet type.

With these 4 tips you are sure to have holiday with few plastic, sustainable and eco-friendly. And now, share your plastic-free holiday tips with us on our Facebook or Twitter.

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