5 mejores productos sin plastico

When you start to reduce the plastic in your home the fun begins, but it can also sometimes be a frustrating game of trial and error.

Normally, this is what happens: You want to avoid plastic in your daily routine and you look for the alternatives, you try one option but you are not entirely convinced, you are recommended another and after a few tries at last you find a product that suits you.

Well, today we want to help save you time, effort and money by telling you about these 5 plastic-free, ethical, eco-friendly and zero waste products that are even better than some of their traditional alternatives.

We are not just randomly choosing them, we are sharing our customers’ favourite items with you.

Would you like to know what they are?


  1. Luffa Scourer: the number one


Eco-friendly natural scourer


The truth is, we are not surprised that the luffa/loofah sponge and scourer is the most liked product by the Sinplástico community. The numerous advantages of this humble Galician grown product are undeniable.

For less than 3 Euros you get yourself a plastic-free, 100% biodegradable and hard-wearing scourer, that has been made in Spain. It is very effective at cleaning food from delicate surfaces without scratching them.

But don’t take our word for it, this is what those who use it think:

“I love it, I don’t miss my green scourer at all.”

It is everyone’s favourite scourer from the selection at our place. They last a long time and don’t scratch.”.

“¡I love it! It takes a few uses to get used to it, but I am very happy, it is great quality.”.


  1. Mesh produce bag for buying in bulk: your ally for zero waste shopping


Bolsas de red de algodon organico

Mesh produce bags for buying in bulk don’t have to be synthetic in order to be hard-wearing and long-lasting.

Need the proof? This organic cotton string bag is available in 3 sizes. Its mesh fabric originates from Turkey and the manufacturing takes place in Europe. The only one of it’s kind currently on the market.

As you can see, they are the apple of our eye. But also that of Sinplástico’s customers who love to use them for their daily shop:

“Very useful for buying fruit and veggies by weight. It feels good to return home from the supermarket having reduced our packaging by half with such a simple act.”

“ It is very practical! I like that they are made of string mesh and you can see or easily work out what is inside and that the stickers can be stuck on and removed easily.”.

“Good quality, made in Spain and we love knowing that it is also supporting a good cause.”.


  1. Crystal natural solid toothpaste: unanimously the best plastic-free toothpaste


Pasta dental solida recargable


This natural solid toothpaste is made in France and is the preferred option amongst the demanding zero-wasters.

It is not just natural, vegan, chemical-free and plastic-free, but it also has a great peppermint flavour and to top it off, it is rechargeable, meaning you can refill your metal tin when you run out.

Who would have guessed that toothpaste can get people so excited?:

“I re-order every time I run out and these are the reasons why: solid toothpaste, fresh and I notice it make my teeth feel nice. The savings are very very considerable, taking into account that you save the tin in which it comes, you’d only use 2 – 3 a year.”

“It lasts for ages and leaves your mouth feeling fresh after brushing, the perfect clean.”.

“I have been looking for a solid toothpaste that I really like for years – Finally I have found one! The fact that the tin can be refilled just makes it even better. To be 100% recommended.”.


  1. Angled reusable stainless steel straw: the classic zero waste icon that never fails


Pajita reutilizable de metal


These reusable straws will help you and your family say goodbye to the plastic straws that surround us. They are easy to take with you, in your handbag or backpack, they are simple to clean thanks to their own cleaning brush and, as they are made of stainless steel, they will last forever.

Responsibly made in China (we are still looking for a European supplier in order to reduce the environmental impact due to the transport, but so far have not found anyone). These straws arrive at our warehouse direct from the manufacturing plant without a trace of plastic. So, you can be assured that you are buying a 100% zero waste product.

You still haven’t tried one? Listen to what these people have to say:


“They are perfect. My daughter loves drinking with a straw and this was perfect.”

“I strongly recommend you use these straws. They are cleaned instantly with the little cleaning brush for straws and since we have had them we have saved the environment from the waste produced by several plastic straws.”

“The perfect alternative to keep using straws but not contaminate the planet. The cleaning brush really works well, not like others that don’t scrub well and tend to bend.”


  1. Wooden dish-washing brush: an essential item in any kitchen


Cepillo de vajilla de madera


Made in the European Union from wood in the process of being FSC certified. This zero waste brush is one of our customers’ favourite products, and with good reason.

It must be due to the comfortable handle, that makes it a piece of cake to clean pots, pans and wide -mouthed jars. There is also the option to replace just the head piece, to extend the life of the product.

Then there is its price, less than 3 Euros for an eco-friendly, fairtrade, good quality brush. Or maybe it’s attractive look, helping any kitchen to win design points when compared with plastic sponges or scourers.
Whatever it is, we love it too.

Look what our customers think about it:

“I am super happy with this dish-washing brush, now I can’t use any other. It is terrific that I can just change the head.”

“It is gentle and cleans well. I love it!”.

“It is very useful for cleaning pots and pans!”.


Find many more fundamental products for a plastic-free life in our e-store.

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