Perhaps you thought we must be exaggerating, when saying that these products can change your life.

But we promise, it’s no exaggeration.

The fact is, that before discovering these zero waste products, the alternatives we had come across were not very convincing and really didn’t work all that effectively either. However, once we gave this lot a go and witnessed with our own eyes just how good they were, we were convinced and we haven’t stopped using them since.

Our customers report that the same thing has happened to them too.

This is why we would like to recommend these 5 plastic-free products to you, so that you can try them out for yourself and reap all the benefits years to come.

You will not want to go back.

5 plastic-free products that will change your life from now and into the future

1. Pure Natural Solid Shampoo for Normal Hair10.90

When you find the right shampoo bar for your hair, you just know there is no going back to using their synthetic cousins. We have shampoo bars for all hair types in our haircare range (dark, oily, dry, frizzy, curly, anti-dandruff), however none of them are as popular as the Pure natural solid shampoo. A shampoo bar that leaves your hair clean, and we mean really clean, without the need for any toxic ingredients.

What our customers say:

My favourite. It lasts ages, cleans indisputably well, cares for your hair, easy to apply… 100% recommend it”.

What our team says:

I love all our solid shampoos because, as well as being zero waste, they free you from having to read all that marketing jargon on shampoo bottles everyday”.

Marion, co-founder.

2. Organic Calendula Soap Bar7.45

This moisturising bar of soap made by Zorro D’Avi in Zamora, Spain, with sensitive skin in mind. At Sinplastico, it was one of the original items in our product range, we have stocked it for years and our customers have been very taken by its creamy and smooth texture.

What our customers say:

Our whole family uses it both to wash our hands and in the shower. Very gentle on your skin”.

What our team says:

We started using it a few years ago for bathing our baby because we didn’t want to use any gels that contained endocrine disruptors, but we liked it so much that we all ended up using it. It’s mega moisturising and it has become an essential part of our daily routine”.

3. Set of reusable organic cotton bulk shopping bags32.50

This set of 10 organic cotton produce bags are made here in Spain. They are perfect for your weekly bulk shop, for picking up anything from fruit & veg, to grabbing a few snacks on your way to work. They were one of the first products in our product range and they are still a key player, as they have been from the very first day. This is because, these bags are light-weight, are various sizes and make buying in bulk at your local supermarket or at your weekly fresh food market an absolute breeze. Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed. Hello zero waste.

What our customers say:

Every time I use them people ask me where I bought them. They are very practical and attractive”.

What our team says:

The bulk produce bags have made my life much easier. I used to generate a heap of waste and had to find somewhere at home to store all those little plastic bags the shops gave me. Now, I just take them with me folded up in my handbag (they don’t weigh a thing), I buy what I need in bulk and afterwards I give them a quick wash and I reuse them again and again. I just love them.”

Cris- Administration and Customer Service

4. PURA Kid’s Stainless Steel Drink Bottle21.25

A 100% plastic-free, kid’s size, reusable stainless steel bottle that is attractive and practical at the same time, with a cap suitable for little fingers. We thought this was just a dream when we first started on our plastic-free journey. But, now look, just few years later and here it is, the PURA MINI Kid’s Bottle. It delivers everything we have been asking for, and it has quickly become a favourite.

What our customers say:

It’s great. Our eldest son has been using one since he was 3 years old and it’s perfect. The fact that it has replacement parts is also ideal. Now, we have just bought another for our younger daughter”.

What our team says:

The PURA Kid’s Bottle is perfect for my son because he simply loves it. He can take it with him in his backpack and this way I am sure that he is drinking clean healthy water. It goes without saying, that apart from in an emergency, I do everything I can to avoid single use disposable plastic bottles”.

Txetxu – Warehouse Management and Shipment Handling.

5. Eco-friendly cellulose and cotton sponge wipe€0.95

We are sure that you will be surprised to see this product is on our list. Perhaps because…Is there anything less sexy in your home than a kitchen cloth (apart from maybe the toilet brush)?

Well, at Sinplastico we have been so EXCITED about these eco-friendly cellulose and cotton sponge wipes since we tried them a couple of years ago. As we tested them, we realised just how much we didn’t like the traditional kitchen cloth. Not only are they often made from plastic these days: they smell bad, they are not very absorbent, they fall apart pretty quickly… So, believe us when we say that these eco-friendly ones will change your life because you will not want to see another typical synthetic kitchen sponge in your home ever again.


What our customers say:

Very absorbent and easy to rinse out. It’s perfect! Much better than the ones in the supermarket”.

What our team says:

I am in love with these eco-friendly cellulose and cotton sponge cloths. They are very practical and an essential item for me on a daily basis. They are much better that the synthetic version as they are much more absorbent and don’t release microplastics into our waterways. I will never use a traditional sponge cloth ever again!”.

Sara – Graphic Designer.

Did you like our choice of life-changing products? Is there a plastic-free product that has changed your life for the better?

We would love to read about it in the comments.


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