Soap from Marseille is one of our favourite zero waste products. Despite its simple formula, this is a multi-use product.

Be selective when choosing Marseille soap

There are many Marseille soap imitations. Therefore, it is very important to know exactly what it is and how to make an informed choice. There are only 4 companies that make Marseille soap via traditional methods. As a result, the majority of the products that are called “Marseille soap” are not.

To know if your soap is really Marseille soap, you should consider the following criteria:

  • Does not contain more than 6 ingredients.

  • Does not contain added perfumes or fragrances.

  • It is a green colour due to the high content of olive oil (72%). If the soap is white, it means that it has been made with palm oil and not olive oil.

  • It is made in France.

6 ways to use Marseille soap

We recommend that you buy this soap in bars of 400 grams or half a kilo. It is better value and you can cut it up with a serrated knife to use it for various jobs around the house.

Here are some ideas for using Marseille soap:

  • You can use it as an alternative to packaged shower gel. It is recommended for all skin types, including sensitive skin and allergy prone skin. You can use it for everything, from washing your hands, to your face and even your body. It doesn’t dry out the skin due to its olive oil based formula.
  • You can use it to wash the dishes. Put a little Marseille soap on your sponge/scourer or on dishwashing brush and rub 😉 It is very effective and good value for money.
  • It is a very good stain remover. Dampen the stained fabric, rub with the Marseille soap, leave it to work for 20-30 minute and then rinse. If necessary, repeat the process.
  • We use it to clean all surfaces. We use it straight or mix it with water and use it to clean the shower, countertops, wash basins, sinks and floors. Once you have the surfaces clean, we recommend that you wipe them over using a cloth or mop with a few drops of white vinegar (pure or diluted in water) so that they shine again.
  • It is a very effective natural insecticide. Grate the soap and mix 2 tablespoons with hot water and put the mixture in a spray bottle. To eliminate pests, spray the mixture over the affected plants.
  • You can make your own laundry detergent! It is very easy and you will save money. Not to mention that industrial washing powders are made with chemicals potentially harmful to your health and the environment. We chose a simple and quick recipe :
    • 340g of  grated Marseille soap (a cheese grater is perfect for this)

    • A quarter cup of washing soda (85g) (handle carefully and wear gloves)

Be careful not to mistake washing soda for caustic soda (they are 2 different products), the product you are looking for here is known as sodium carbonate (Na2CO3). Take care when handling it and always read the instructions before use.

    • A quarter cup of baking soda (also known as bicarbonate of soda) (85g)

    • And that’s it, mix all the ingredients and you homemade laundry detergent is ready!

    • Some additional tips :

      – For a klean a brigth white wash you can add a little sodium percarbonate.
      – We substitute fabric softener for white vinegar


To sum up, Marseille soap is not only good for your skin, but is also an essential item to have in a minimalist household. In addition, it’s healthy as it allows you to reduce your use of chemical products in your home.