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When the streets filled up with lights, you didn’t want to see it. When on your way to work, the shop windows were drowned in artificial snow, you looked away. But now, that Whatsapp is brimming with messages about get-togethers, work dinners and plans for the festive season, you have to come to terms with it. Christmas has arrived.

It is not easy for you to accept, as each time it gets harder as you think about the food waste, the unnecessary packaging, the compulsory consumption and the city centre packed with crowds of people on edge about getting the best deal. In addition, if we also include the idea of lost time queuing up in a store, with which you do not share values, to buy a product you don’t know how or where has been made, made of plastic and that you are not convinced will be useful, all this makes you want to run away very quickly.


We totally understand. Believe us. But, we do have good news for you. There is another way to get through the festive season. One that means consuming a lot less (potentially nothing!) and in a way that is responsible, giving experiences or useful and practical things made under fair work conditions with materials that respect the environment.

Therefore, we at Sinplastico have prepared a list of our favourite options so that, if you want to give a present, you can do so consciously.


-> For your well-dressed grandmother, who hides her ID as to not reveal her real age

Idea regalo abuela

Organic regenerating tonic for mature skin – 21,35€
This 100% natural tonic is organic, free from alcohol, toxic chemicals and perfume, and is perfect for mature skin that needs a little extra care. Your granny will love its floral aroma and its delicate packaging of recycled glass and cardboard. Combine it with this nourishing moisturiser for sensitive skin and you will be onto a winner.

Body massage brush with natural bristles and beech handle – 22,00€
Even though her spirit still feels young, her joints aren’t that young any more. Therefore, this body massage brush with a sustainable beechwood handle, made with natural bristles is perfect for her evening bath.

-> For your mother who has started going to the pool and is fitter than ever

Idea regalo navidad madre

Organic Soap Mousse – 9,70€
The chlorine in the pool can be very irritating. Therefore, this extra moisturising soap, made in Spain with an olive oil base, is the balm her skin needs.
Idea regalo navideño madre

Shiny Stainless Steel Bottle “The reflect” – 34,90€
Speaking of dehydration and dryness… After 2 hours doing laps your mother needs to replace the water she has lost. Help her to avoid the vending machines by giving her this practical reusable stainless steel bottle. Lightweight, clean and lasts a lifetime.

-> For your Father, who forages for the best wild mushrooms and loves going camping

Mushroom penknife with cleaning brush – 20,90€
The most relentless forager needs the best tools. This high quality penknife with a reasonable price-tag will make your father jump for joy. It is made in France from sustainable wood and steel. It incorporates a safety system to avoid the blade opening accidentally. In addition, at the end of the ergonomic handle there is a brush, made of natural bristles, in order to clean your Boletus mushrooms “in situ”.

Idea de regalo para tu padre navidad


Stainless steel thermos – 35,90€
There are few pleasures that compare with enjoying a hot coffee on top of a mountain, right? Your father feels the same way. Combine this lightweight stainless steel thermos, free from BPA, lead and other toxic chemicals, with this reusable cup to ensure that he experiences many more special moments out in the great outdoors

-> For your sister, who’s pregnant for the second time and just wants to sleep for a little while.

Idea regalo hermana

Wooden mirror for your handbag – 8,50€
With her body changing and with the lack of sleep, sometimes your sister forgets just how beautiful she is. This double-sided handbag mirror with magnification is here to remind her.

Idea regalo navidad embarazada

Organic anti-stretch mark oil – 18,35€
If there is something that is annoying during pregnancy it would have to be the itchy skin and the stretch marks. Well that, and the nausea, swelling and tiredness… Unfortunately we don’t have a solution for everything (however the luffa exfoliation glove is ideal for reactivating blood flow to tired feet). But we can assure you that this anti-stretch mark oil is THE SOLUTION (in capital letters) for the skin troubles during this period. Made in Spain from natural ingredients, that are easily absorbed and 100% organic. This oil eliminates the source of the belly itch during pregnancy.

-> For your brother, who is getting over his hipster phase and has decided to shave

<idea regalo navidad hermano

Plum wood safety razor – 45,80€
Even shaving, one has to have style. This beautiful and robust plum wood and steel safety razor will make your brother feel like shaving is a pleasure. It is also very hard-wearing and will last him forever. Psst: if he has never shaved with a traditional razor, we recommend that he reads this post about classic and plastic free shaving in our blog.

Vegan shaving soap “Activación Sólida” – 12,90€
This organic shaving soap is made from a base of natural vegetable oils that work as a repairing and healing balm, as well as making a clean shave easy. Palm oil and fragrance free, its attractive and practical metal box makes it the perfect travel accompaniment for your brother to take with him around the world. If you would also like him to have soft hydrated skin, you can combine your gift with this nourishing cream for men.

-> For your nieces and nephews, who have competitions blowing bubbles in their breakfast milk and who love you to read them a bedtime story.

Idea regalo sobrino

Pack of 2 reusable stainless steel straws – 3,70€
If your nieces and nephews use plastic straws everyday, this zero waste gift will convince them to stop. These reusable stainless steel straws are attractive, hard-wearing, long-lasting and very practical. They even come with their own washing-up brush. For future breakfast bubble competitions, they won’t want to use anything else.

Idea regalo niño libro ecologia

Book “ Carlos Albatross and the haunted island” – 9,90€
What’s better than a story to help your nieces and nephews learn how to care for the planet? This children’s story, for kids between 4 and 8 years old, explains the problem of plastic ocean pollution in a way that is very entertaining and sensitive. It also contains a section for adults, whereby they too can read about and take interest in plastic alternatives.

-> For your cooking crazy friend, who is MasterChef’s no.1 fan and makes fancy canapés at home

Idea regalo cocinita

Cast iron frying pan – 35,40€
Ultra resistant, free of toxic chemicals and built to last forever. Just like your friendship. Made in France with a non-stick beeswax coating and destined to ensure you enjoy all the creations of a talented cook in the kitchen. In order to avoid damaging the non-stick coating you can combine it with this attractive and long-lasting olive wood slotted spoon.

Regalo cocinitas ok

Beeswax food wrap XL – 12,95€
These beeswax food wraps are very useful so that your friend can say goodbye to plastic cling-film whilst being able to keep her cooking creations always their freshest. These practical food wrapsare reusable, easy to clean and very versatile. They are available in different sizes and you can even find a vegan beeswax-free option at the same price here.

-> For your rebellious friend, who listens to heavy metal but is one of the sweetest people you know

Ideal regalo navidad amiga

Paddle hairbrush with wooden bristles – 24,80€
This brush comes to the rescue for the tangles that appear after a night out at a concert. Especially designed for shoulder length to long hair and 100% plastic-free, as the bristle base is made of natural rubber.

Idea amiga macarra

Skull-shaped cup made from recycled glass – 8,40€
You know they act tough, but in reality every now and then they love to sit on the couch and drink a hot chocolate while watching a tear-jerking film. Thereby this skull-shaped glass brings together both facets of their life in one product. Made with the best recycled glass, it includes a lid and a stainless steel straw with its own washing-up brush.


Doing your Christmas shopping with Sinplastico helps you:

  • Stop wasting time: : All your gifts in just one click. Without queues, waiting or having to walk in-between shops.
  • Save money: Subscribe to our newsletter  and get 5% off on your purchase. Besides, from December 6th, 2018 until January 2nd, 2019, get free shipping for all purchase above 100€.
  • Make your life easy: Place your order and within 3-5 days your parcel will arrive at your door.
  • Reduce your environmental footprint: By combining all your gifts in one single shipment you reduce the environmental footprint of your online purchases considerably.
  • Support small business: : At Sinplastico we are a social cooperative made up of a small team of workers. A small modest business like many of those behind the products we stock.
  • Contribute towards making a better world: all our products are socially and environmentally responsible, whereby your purchase helps us to continue working towards achieving a cleaner and fairer planet.

Are you ready to shop a different way this Christmas?


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