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[title size=”2″]The project[/title]

Sinplástico is a project which goal is to raise awareness about plastics issues and to offer practical alternatives to single use plastic.

It offers an informative Blog, with a lot of advises, tips and information and an e-shop with more than 500 plastic-free products.

[title size=”2″]The team[/title]

We are 2 partners, Marion and Javier, with quite different personal and profesional profiles although we share social and ecologist militancy. This common commitment took us to create a social and business project in which we believe and for which we bet.

We got together to brainstorm and it became clear: if a social awareness and a consistent offer for ecologic food or clothes does already exist, why not working on a project that issues the question of the materials which surround us in our everyday life? Reducting our home’s impact on the planet is possible by reducing our use of plastics.

For us, Sinplástico is a bet for getting a change in our way of life. We want to share here our concerns and successes that arrise during this process. We hope to help you to achieve a more responsible and healthy way to consume.

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