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As we know this month is Plastic Free July and in our last posts we looked at two of the biggest problems of plastic: Economic cost of Plastic and The Dangers of plastic for Children.

To end this series of articles we wanted to show you (yes, you!), how much you can do, to make a big difference in combating the effects of plastic pollution. .

To do this, we have created this super-post by gathering our best articles in the form of tips, tutorials and tricks, to help you turn your house into a waste zero temple and reduce the use of plastic.


1. Hygiene without plastics.

higiene personal sin plástico

Say goodbye to chemicals! Find out which natural deodorant suits you

This is one of our favourite posts because in it we pick which type of natural solid deodorant is most appropriate according to your skin type. Forget the commercial deodorants wrapped in plastic and full of chemicals; be nice to your armpits and switch to zero waste and toxic free deodorants.

Marion´s tips and tricks for getting the most out of your natural shampoo bar

If they gave us a pound every time someone asked us about solid shampoo, we would be millionaires. This product is key to a zero waste bathroom but generates doubts: will clean my hair? How do I use it? What type do I need? In this article our founder Marion solves these dilemmas.

Cotton ear buds; what are the alternatives?

Let’s start from the basis that you do not need ear buds, they can be harmful and create a lot of plastic waste. But we understand everyone likes clean ears, o here we bring you a couple of alternatives so that your ears are shiny without using a gram of plastic.

How to choose an eco-friendly toothbrush.

Bamboo, natural or nylon bristles, can´t find a vegan toothbrush?…choosing a zero waste, plastic free toothbrush can be quite a challenge. That’s why we created this post so you have all the information and can choose the best toothbrush for you.

4 tips for a plastic-free oral hygiene.

Cleaning your teeth without using plastic has never been so easy. This article outlines four basic tips to take care of your mouth and includes a home-made recipe to make your own toothpaste.

Five essential products for a zero waste bathroom

If you want to start reducing plastic in your bathroom, you have to read this post. In it we go through all the bathroom basics and what zero waste options they can be replaced with to help the transition to a simpler, plastic free life.

2. Clean your home without using plastics.

Limpieza sin toxicos

Six uses of Marseille soap

There are some products that should be put on an altar, Marseille soap is one of them. Zero waste, without perfumes and manufactured tradittionally & responsibly in France, this soap is perfect to use in all corners of your home. Don´t believe it? Then read this article.

Eco-friendly alternatives to plastic scourers

Say No to plastic scourer and scrub your dishes responsibly. How? With the ecological alternatives to plastic scouring pads that we talk about in this article.

3. Do you cook zero waste? You can do it.

cocina sin plastico

Four alternatives for freezing your food plastic free.

Freezing food without plastic is a subject of debate in the zero waste world. That’s why we created this post to show you our best tricks to freeze food without plastic, quickly and easily

Tips for using beeswax reusable food wraps.

Banish cling-film from your life and sign up for the beeswax wrappers to store or transport food. Oh, and we also have vegan wrappers. In this article we tell you how they can be used.

Use and Care tips of stainless steel fry pans.

The coating of conventional Teflon pans are made of plastic and toxic materials which is harmful to your health. For that reason we encourage you to try stainless steel pans, the best alternative for your family and the planet.

Tips for cooking without plastic

This post looks at what your kitchen utensils ar emade of and offers healthy, simple and plastic-free alternatives for cooking. An essential article for informed consumers and cooks!

Healthy Containers for Healthy Food.

The era of plastic containers has died and in this post we explain why. In addition, we give you a few tricks so that you treat your food and health as it deserves to be and avoid eating more toxic chemicals than necessary in your lunch.

4. Drinking without plastic.

pajitas de acero inoxidable

Do you want to live plastic free? Straws are the perfect place to start.

Straws are one of the most used disposable plastic products, and also the most harmful ones. This post gives you some recommendations to stop using them or replace them with a greener alternative.

How to use your Binchotan water filter.

Tired of hearing of all the other bad things in the water you drink? The binchotan filter is here to help suck out all those impurities. It reduces chlorine, filters and eliminates the bad taste of tap water.

5. Join the revolution of sustainable menstruation

menstruacion sostenible

Tips for looking after washable cloth pads.

Sometimes its difficult to take the step towards cloth compresses, but once you try them, you never go back. This post gives you all the tricks you need to care for and extend the life of your cloth compresses.

Is silicon biodegradable? All doubts about this material answered in a single post.

Do you know what your menstrual cup is made of? This article shows you the advantages of silicone, so you understand why high-quality medical silicone is used to replace plastic in items such as menstrual cups, pacifiers or baby bottles.

6. Enjoy pregnancy and nurturing without plastic

embarazo sin toxicos


All you need to know about giving your baby a plastic free bath.

New parent? This post has got you covered, in it we gather everything you need to know to not use any plastic during your baby’s bath.

Toxic free Pregnancy

An essential post with tricks and tips to protect yourself and your baby against the toxic effects of plastic during pregnancy and the first months of the baby’s life.

7. Remove the plastic from your closet

armario sin plastico

Synthetic microfibres: The plastic hidden in your clothes.

Plastic that ends up contaminating the ocean not only comes from food containers or cosmetic products, it also comes from your clothes. This article gives you a few tips to avoid it.

8. Other tips and trick for a zero waste life.

eliminar botella plastico

Tips to lower your consumption of plastic bottles

If you´re still drinking plastic bottled water or buying cosmetics wrapped in plastic, read this post. In it, we give you a few tricks to avoid buying plastic bottles in your day to day.

4 tips for a zero waste happy holiday

In this article we talk about how to have a plastic free, zero waste holiday, easy to organise before you go so you don´t have to stress on holiday.

What do you think about this collection of articles? Do you have any further questions about plastic that you would like us to answer? Leave it in comments or write us an email to [email protected]

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