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It has happened to us too. When a baby comes home, there are so many unexpected changes in your life that it is difficult to adjust to the new “normal”. Absolutely everything else becomes secondary, from what you eat, to your friends and not forgetting about your sleep!

A few years ago, this is exactly what happened for us at Sin Plastico. The new parents found themselves presented with the titanic task of finding healthy, plastic-free products for their babies. A job that requires organisation and time, the two things that you don’t have with this new home life.


Fortunately everyday there are more and more people looking to follow this way of living. Thanks to them, new ecologically aware brands are popping up everywhere with healthy and organic approaches to hygiene that make it easier for us to care for our babies with plastic-free products.

Therefore, the Mamas and Papas of the Sinplástico team have gotten together to share with you some of their discoveries. Some of our favourites, that really work and make our lives with our children that little bit easier. This will allow you to relax and just enjoy the special splashy moments with your newborn at bath-time.



One of our greatest discoveries is “less is more”. We know, that you don’t need to buy or use a plethora of baby hygiene products, like they would have us believe. In fact, for the first few weeks you can simply bath your baby with water, using a small organic cotton reusable towelling wipe that will be gentle of his/her skin.
What is important is to buy few products, but to to ensure you buy healthy options for your little one, the planet and for your wallet. On these 3 accounts, our natural soap bars for babies win hands down.

  • They are healthy: our natural soap bars do NOT contain synthetic perfumes, unlike most of the baby products available on the market. This reduces the risk of upsetting their delicate hormonal system with endocrine disruptors. Something that is vital during the first few years of development.
  • They are organic: the soap bars that you will find in our online shop do NOT come in plastic packaging. They are formulated using natural, organically grown ingredients.
  • They are good value: no matter which baby soap bar you choose from our range, it will last twice as long as its liquid counterpart. We know this from experience. One of our daughters has just finished off using her first ever bar of baby soap, having been using it for 9 months!



At Sinplastico we never recommend anything we haven’t already tried. Therefore, here you will find a list of soaps we are hooked on using everyday with our little ones. Do you want to know which ones they are?

Mejores champus solidos para bebes


Zorro D’Avi Calendula Soap – 4,95 euros

This one is our absolute favourite (and that of many other parents who live plastic-free). Perfect for the first few months of life and suitable for sensitive and dry atopic skin. This natural soap, made from 100% vegetable based ingredients including calendula, has extreme moisturising properties to take special care of your baby’s skin and hair.


Zorro D’Avi Aloe Vera Soap and Shampoo Bar – 4,95 euros

This Aloe Vera soap can be used to wash your baby’s body and hair from birth. Formulated with 100% vegetable based organic ingredients, its moisturising and conditioning ability will take care of your little one’s delicate hair and skin.


Lamazuna Natural Chocolate Shampoo Bar – 9,90 euros

When your baby starts to grow hair it is worth investing in a shampoo bar. Your baby will love this 100% natural, vegan shampoo enriched with organic cocoa powder. This shampoo is also ideal for pregnant and/or breastfeeding women as it does NOT contain essential oils. This handmade bar of soap (from Southern France) will fill the bathroom with the delicious smell of cocoa, making bath-time even more appealing.
Pachamamai Kidoodoo Shampoo – 11,90 euros

When we tried the natural and vegan shampoo bar from Kidoodoo we were immediately convinced that we wanted to offer it at SinPlastico. This soap bar is extremely caring of your baby’s fine hair and sensitive scalp. Made in France, this soap has been formulated especially for babies from 1 year old onwards.



Mejores hidratantes para bebe

Matarrania Organic Baby Bottom Soothing Cream – 15,65 euros

This cream is the salvation of every parent who wants to look after their baby’s skin in the most natural way. It has an organic vegetable oil base and is specifically formulated for daily use. Ultra-moisturising and rich but at the same time fragrance-free, it prevents the appearance of redness and at the same time soothes any existing irritation. This product has the extra advantage of being 2in1, in addition to using it to sooth your baby’s bottom you can apply it to other areas of dry skin. For us, it is the ESSENTIAL ITEM to have in our child’s nappy bag.


Matarrania Gentle Organic Moisturising Oil – 17,90 euros

Although it is not necessary to moisturise a baby’s skin daily, it is good to have an oil handy to use when the skin dries out due to the wind, the cold and/or the heating. This gentle moisturising oil is organic and vegetable based. It is our go-to product in these situations, as well as being ideal to treat cradle cap during the first few months after birth and helping our little ones to relax and fall asleep. It has it all!

We hope that this article has been useful in making bath-time at your house a healthier and greener experience for you and your baby.


Did you like this article? If so, you will love our collection of healthy, natural and plastic-free baby products. Would you like to see them?



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