Is responsible consumption possible?

We are all looking for well-fare, living a healthy life and fulfilling basic needs…” and having something left for a small impulsive purchase.” Society tells us that well-fare is based on comfort and surrounds us with products that make our life “easier”: electrical and electronic goods, vehicles etc. It also tells us that our needs … Continue reading “Is responsible consumption possible?”

Why ban plastic bags ?

In this post we want to bring out the recent news about plastic bag bannings. The lasts ones come from the State of California and from France and we would like to explain the why of these decisions. On September 30, after a long and important citizen mobilization, the State of California banned plastic bags … Continue reading “Why ban plastic bags ?”

Why live a plastic-free life?

Here we are, out in the ocean and we are truly grateful for the warm welcome given to our initiative. In this post we would like to explain to you the reasons to set Sinplástico up, and to clarify some basic concepts about the harm plastic causes. As we said in our first post, we … Continue reading “Why live a plastic-free life?”

Once upon a time there was an austrian family…

We are not the first to realize about the problems plastic causes. In fact, we are glad to embrace many other initiatives which promote similar values. The first initiative we want to present you in this blog is probably one of the most widely-known:. It is Sandra Kreutwaschl’s, a physiotherapist who lives with her family … Continue reading “Once upon a time there was an austrian family…”