The Christmas season is a time to celebrate and to get together with our families. A time for shopping, presents, eating and indulgences and it is easy to forget the planet and our environmental commitments. However, as people aware and convinced of the need to change our habits towards a zero waste lifestyle, we can take advantage of this period to make others conscious and to share our values.

A good way to do this is by giving gifts that help those around us to start on this journey of reducing waste.

Here we have 3 suggestions for 100% zero waste gifts:

Cantimplora - Regalo residuo cero

We tend to think of reusable drink bottles as an ideal present for people who like to enjoy the mountains, travelling and those who are addicted to outdoor activities. However, everyone uses water bottles, be it at home, at work, doing sport or just going for a walk around our towns and cities.

A good quality stainless steel drink canteen is an ideal gift to substitute the millions of plastic water bottles consumed around the world, and therefore its use will have a big positive impact on the environment.

Regalo residuo cero - bolsas compra granel

This is maybe a gift more specifically for people who are already interested in the zero waste movement. Many people are already aware of how our generation needs to reduce waste and although they want to be part of this, they still haven’t taken their first step. Giving them a bulk shopping kit of reusable bags is a perfect way to encourage them to start living without the need for plastic bags.

Regalo residuo cero - champu sólido

Handmade soaps have always been a successful present that is well received. What better than to give a selection of soaps and solid shampoos to encourage others to try them and to become zero waste whilst showering. Some people can struggle with this change towards solid bathroom products, but receiving them as a gift provides the perfect opportunity for them to try them out. And we know…. try solid shampoo and there is no going back!!!

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