If there is one thing we are sure of, it is that those who have tried some good qulaity period underwear fall in the love with them and never look back.

And those who haven’t tried them yet, say it’s because they are have unanswered questions: “Will they withstand my level of period flow? Will they expand as they absorb? Will I feel uncomfortable? Do they smell? Can I use them when doing sport or overnight?…”.

If you are one of these people, we would like you to pay attention to our latest post, in which we tell you how to go about choosing the perfect pair of period underpants to best suit your needs.

Organic Cotton Menstrual Underwear: the most comfortable zero waste alternative


  • What are organic cotton period underpants?

Organic cotton period briefs are underpants that have been specifically designed to be used when you have your period or if you have a weak bladder.

Thanks to their ultra absorbent fabric, they can absorb heavy flows without swelling up and expanding. They have been made with an outer layer of organic cotton to ensure your intimate areas can breathe and remain free from odours.


  • Why bother with organic cotton menstrual underwear?

• They are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable period products: such as single use pads and tampons.

They are better for your body and your health: because they do not contain toxic endocrine disruptors such as dioxins, furans, pesticides, and non-specified chemical fragrances present in most disposable menstrual products.

They are a great choice even if you already use other zero waste swaps: for those who already use a menstrual cup and/or washable fabric pads regularly, they may prefer to use period underwear on their most sensitive days.


And if that is not the case, take a look at what some of our online customers say about the benefits of making this plastic-free switch:


“Although I have been using a menstrual cup for ages and absolutely love it, on the last few days of my period my bleeding is no longer so heavy and I prefer not to bother with the cup, but I was also not keen on using panty liners or pads. These underpants are very comfortable and even when I use them on heavier days they absorb everything, I don’t feel uncomfortable or dampness when I pull up my underpants and there are no leaks on my clothes. I’m sure I’ll buy another pair in order to be able to alternate them”.

“I’ve found it to be a great solution, better than reusable pads”.

“On the first few days of my period I feel totally knocked about and the idea of dealing with a menstrual cup at that time is beyond me. (The period underwear) allows me to sleep well or to head to work without having to worry about anything”. 


  • Are period underpants truly as effective and comfortable as they say?

Yes, yes and yes! Check this out:

They are super absorbent: they draw the moisture away which means the blood doesn’t go through the underpants, not even when you are experiencing your heaviest flow.

They don’t move around: as the absorbent area is incorporated into the pants, this makes them a great option when doing sport but also when relaxing.

They are breathable: with the outer layer being made from organic cotton, this ensure you don’t feel any moisture or wetness against your skin, even if you have had your period underpants on for hours. Keeping your intimate areas dry, helping to protect you from sweating and itchiness.


However, you don’t have to just take our word for it, look what those who have tried Sinplastico’s period underwear say:


“They are super comfortable and for me they are the best alternative to using regular (disposable) pads. They last a lot longer than pads and without any undesirable odours, they are very very easy to wash, either by hand or in the washing machine, they don’t stain, they absorb really well”.

“They are really comfortable and offer a really good level of absorption. I am delighted with these period underpants and you don’t even notice you are wearing them as they are not visable under trousers. The cotton is good quality”.

“The softest and most comfortable ones I have tried”.

“So soft, and great design, as if they had been made to measure”.


Take a look at our full range of organic cotton menstrual underwear at Sinplastico

How to choose the perfect pair of period underpants for your body

Now, that we have cleared up some of the questions you had about period underwear and you have read about some of the advantages period pants have to offer over other menstrual products, we would like to help you choose the best period pants for you by following these 6 tips:

1. Don’t compromise on the fabric

The more menstrual underpants there are on the market, the greater the temptation to indulge in fabrics with attractive colours, lace trims and other details that are usually synthetic or have been coloured using chemical dyes that are not good for our health.

However, particularly when you have your period each month your skin is at its most sensitive and it needs breathable fabric to keep it healthy, such as a basic organic cotton.


2. Pay attention to the material weight

When investing in menstrual underwear, pay attention to the weight of the fabric, as this is going to predominantly dictate long the underpants last and how well they wear.

This is why we recommend investing in period underwear with a high fabric weight, such as those stocked by Sinplastico, these are made with a fabric weight of 170gsm.


3. Only spend your money on period pants that have elastic around the leg seams

This is a small detail that can easily go unnoticed when you are about to buy your first pair of period underpants… but it makes all the difference.

This is because flexible elastic with some give (it doesn’t have to be tight) helps to avoid leaking even when you are lying down or doing exercise.

That’s why all our menstrual underpants have inbuilt elastic seams.


4. Make it a priority to buy a local brand

If you are looking to start using period underpants, no doubt it’s because you are looking for comfort, however perhaps you are concerned about the amount waste generated by menstrual products that ends up contaminating our environment.

This is why, when you come across very cheaply made period underwear, we encourage you to look a little closer into where they are manufactured. Most likely they have been made in Asia, which results in a greater carbon footprint when it comes to transport compared with a locally produced product. But not only that, it is often more difficult to know the ins and outs of the traceability of the fabric used in production, and the working conditions of those making the underwear.

If this has sparked your interest and you’re keen to know more, rest assured the period underwear we offer you at Sinplastico is made by a family-run sewing workshop in Catalonia, Spain and any leftover fabric at the end of each production run is used to make upholstery and insulation products, thereby minimising any waste.


5. Take note of the sizing guides and if you are still not sure, ask.

Underwear is one of the few products for which companies cannot offer returns, so before you make a purchase, make sure you have chosen the right size for you.

In order to do so, on our website we have included a size guide table. We recommend that you choose the same size as you would when buying trousers, and if you are uncertain between 2 sizes, choose the larger one.

Also know, that we are always available to help answer your questions via Whatsapp +34 695 566 088, over the phone +34 944 076 388 or on email


6. Take into account your level of flow and your personal needs during your monthly period

Before making your final decision, consider your level of blood flow and your needs when you have your period:

Do you have a heavy flow or extra light flow?: if your flow is heavy, it is most likely that you will need a period brief with a higher absorbency such as the shorty, the classic cut brief or the high-waisted pant. If your flow is light, you’ll get away with using any underpants in the range, you may even choose the G-string style.

Does your period last at least a week or just a few days?: if your periods last longer, it would be in your interest to have a couple of different styles so that you are prepared for when your flow changes over the different stages, or you could combine the period briefs with a menstrual cup or some reusable pads. Having said that, if your periods only last a few days, you will not need so many underpants to see you through.

When you are menstruating do you prefer getting active and doing sport or do you prefer to curl up on the sofa?: all the products in the menstrual underwear range are suitable for both activities, but if your life is very active during your period, perhaps you would prefer a classic or shorty cut, or even a G-string; whereas if you need to protect yourself and relax, the high-waisted pant would be the most comforting option for you.

Select the perfect period underpants for you in our online store


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