Everyone who has made the transition to a plastic-free lifestyle knows, that taking the first step is the hardest part. You have decided you want to live more sustainably, you have seen how others do it, but the change seems so extreme and important that you freeze and don’t know where to start.

Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage of International Straw-free Day happening on February 2nd. It’s a great place to start, refusing plastic straws and substituting them with reusable stainless steel ones.


Día internacional sin pajitas



Plastic straws are a necessary accessory for people who might be ill or those with mobility problems. However, it doesn’t makes sense that the rest of the world uses something that is only useful for a matter of minutes, and is made of a material that never disappears from this earth.



By eliminating plastic straws from your life you are not only contributing to a better planet, but also to improving your health. By no longer using single-use straws you can…


  • Avoid generating more plastic waste – Straws are one of the most common plastic waste items. So that you get an idea, in the USA alone 500 million straws are thrown out everyday. The equivalent of 127 bus loads.
  • Refuse a product that is impossible to recycle – These thin plastic tubes are not recycled. They end up in land fill, in incinerators or in our oceans.
  • Reduce ocean contamination – Straws affect marine ecosystems by converting into micro-plastic and being taken up by the food chain.
  • Protect our precious marine life – Due to their shape and size straws are dangerous for marine animals. These creatures can end up dying from a straw obstructing their airways.
  • Remove toxins from your glass – Plastic from single-use straws releases toxic chemical additives straight into your drink, that can put your health at risk.



Refusing throw away straws is an easy step to starting a life without plastic, given that you only need determination to achieve this goal.

It is as easy as no longer using them at home and asking for your drink straw-free when you are eating out in a bar or restaurant. It’s not that hard, right?

Even if you are convinced, there may be occasions when you might like to use a straw. In these instances you can turn to a reusable stainless steel version. You will find that there are all different kinds… just have a look here.



The classic straight straw, useful for any occasion

pajitas rectas

Simple, elegant and perfect for carrying in the bottom of your handbag or in a small pocket of your backpack, saving you from that waiter dying to put a straw in your juice.


The bent straw, for more comfortable drinking

paritas dobladas

If you want the comfort of a plastic straw but in a reusable version, these little buddies are for you. Slightly bent, so that you can even take a sip whilst watching your favourite show comfortably reclined on the couch.


Short straws, suitable for the whole family


pajitas cortas

If the smallest members of your family need some encouragement to finish off their milk or juice, we have the solution. These short kids straws will mean they polish off every last little drop.


The wide straw, for your smoothies, slushies and home-made juices

pajita smoothie

If you are a fan of the daily smoothie, this is your straw. Wider than the others, combining convenience with beauty, so that you can enjoy your daily pleasure without feeling guilty about using plastic.


Celebrate International Straw-free Day with us by moving over to reusable stainless steel straws.