During those initial lockdown periods society called these people heroes.

They are the essential workers: healthcare workers, those working in the primary sector, service providers… and those responsible for logistics, so that those basic essential products get to local businesses and homes.

However, once the critical initial period of the pandemic was over, it seems we all forgot about these “heroes” who made our lives that much easier during that very stressful time.

This is why we thought we would dedicate a blog post to them, illustrating how we can do them a favour in return: starting with those who deliver the Sinplastico parcels to your home.

This is a key job, without which our little cooperative could not exist.

To do so, we interviewed David Carrasco Fontán, one of our favourite delivery drivers (who currently works for SEUR), and asked him to share with us what those who make a purchase from our website can do to make his day-to-day work a little easier.

Here, David tells us how you can make the life of the person who delivers your parcel go a little smoother

Hi David, thanks for agreeing to answer our questions. Can you please describe what a typical day at work looks like for you?

I always follow the same delivery route, by the end of the day I have travelled about 20km in total.

I start work at 7:15am and head out on my delivery round at 10 o’clock in the morning. At approximately 2:15pm I usually have a break and go home for lunch, and at 4pm I start again collecting parcels from pick-up sites and delivering any parcels that were leftover from my morning round.

I usually knock off at around 6pm.

How many parcels do you usually deliver in a shift?

It depends a little on the day, sometimes there are more and sometimes less, however the average is about 80 parcels per day.

However it is true, that at Christmas and during the sales season there are many more to deliver.

During these periods SEUR pays us more and we are able to sub-contract someone to work with us and thereby deliver parcels faster. If this were not the case, it would be an impossible situation.

How can those receiving parcels at home make your job easier?

By answering their phone once I have tried to make the delivery and there was no one at the address to give it to.

Alternatively, if they are not able to take the call, calling me back at a convenient moment and thereby helping me to arrange leaving the parcel at an alternative place or agreeing to meet at a different time.

This is an option when there isn’t too much work on. But when I am very busy, SEUR has a number of pick-up locations where I can leave parcels for people to collect.

What is it that is most annoying or frustrating when trying to make a delivery?

What bothers me the most, is when you call someone and they tell you they are not home, but that there is a family member there. You then go by the house and there is no one answering. You call again and they don’t answer and it drives you a little round the bend… hahahaa. But hey, we are used to it.

What would you like people to know about your job, so that they value what you do more?

Well, I’d like them to know that we follow a delivery route and that we can’t just adjust it to suit them by going back and forth. Sometimes people say to me: I wanted you to deliver my parcel at this time but that is not possible because we have a lot of deliveries to make and I can’t fit in with everyone’s desires. We don’t just have 4 or 5 parcels to deliver.

The problem we have currently is with Amazon, who deliver at all hours and, as we too deliver Amazon parcels, people think that we have the same working hours and that is not the case.

We are not Amazon, we are self-employed drivers who work for transport companies. I start at 7:15 and I finish at 6pm, my shift is long enough.

More tips from Sinplastico to make delivering your parcel quicker and smoother for the delivery person:

  • Offer an easy alternative if you are not going to be home: in your order’s notes section, you can specify that you will not be home at certain times of the day and give an alternative option such as leaving the parcel with a neighbour or at a business nearby.

  • Try to place your orders in advance rather than at the last minute: in order not to place too much pressure on the delivery person to get your parcel to you if a problem arises. In addition, if you place your order in advance and don’t choose the fastest delivery option, the delivery companies have the option to fill the trucks more effectively and thereby reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Be kind: Always. It’s so obvious that it seems a little silly to even say it, but we all have hard days. Just remember that the person who is calling whilst you are giving your little one a bath, or whilst you are on the bus to work is not trying to annoy you, they are just doing their job.

We hope that David’s experience and our tips and advice help you to be more aware of the essential work delivery drivers do everyday.

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