We start this month with a new #IlivePlasticFree challenge.

One of the reasons that led us to create Sinplástico was seeing how we spend such amount of time and money when buying healthy and quality food and then keep it, transport it and reheat it in unhealthy plastic containers.

Why should we give up our plastic airtight jars and containers when storing food?

  1. Because it is not a healthy material and because eventually loses its mechanical properties and shatters into tiny particles that will mix with our food.

  2. Because the additives plastics have, due to their low molecular weight, can migrate to food. And today we know these additives cause many diseases.

  3. Because this material is not biodegradable, that is to say, it is not a food source to any living being what makes plastic last over time and become already the largest marine debris.

  4. Because, of the great variety of plastics we can find in the market, only 6 types are recycled.

We believe people should eat quality food, healthy and tasty. We believe your meals at work, our daughters’ and sons’ snacks, or our picnics on trips to the country should not lose their freshness, or leave us with that plastic aftertaste.

Here some tips to choose healthy food containers:

  1. Store your fresh food and cooking ingredients into glass, ceramic or stainless steel jars and containers. They are healthy materials and preserve your food much better.

  2. Freeze your food with health. Stainless steel lunch boxes, for example, are a good substitute to freezer bags. Use quality glass, Pyrex type, which can withstand sudden temperature changes.

  3. Plastic and heating does not get along well. In glass or ceramic containers your meals will retain all their flavor and quality.

  4. Eating out must not be synonymous with eating poorly. An airtight jar is an original and practical option to carry your salads and meals to work.

Now it’s your turn, let’s start the challenge: Which are your tricks to store, heat and transport your food? What kind of jars, bowls or containers do you use to avoid the plastic taste of your food?

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