How to use a Mineral B DeBuyer frying pan

Mineral B DeBuyer frying pans are made of 99% iron coated with a layer of beeswax in order to achieve a natural non-stick surface, free of PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid) and Teflon. These frying pans can be used with any type of cooktop/hob (gas, ceramic, electric, induction, even in the oven).

The frying pans have been made to last, and therefore they need some basic care that we explain here:

  • First, wash the pan with gentle soap and water to remove any leftover dirt or dust. Rinse it and dry it well straight away.
  • Fill the pan with one millimetre of oil (if possible not olive oil, as it will smoke), then heat it at a medium temperature for about 5 minutes.
  • Remove the oil and clean the pan with kitchen towel.

After these simple steps your frying pan will be ready for its first use.

How to cook with it?

To cook with your pan simply heat it on a low heat for a few minutes before adding oil or butter. The iron is an excellent conductor of heat and will therefore distribute the heat throughout the whole pan and maintain the heat for a longer period of time. It is important to keep in mind that excess heat will result in the food sticking to the pan.

Cleaning after use.

Before all else, remember that being an iron frying pan, it is advisable after use not to let too much time pass by before cleaning it, as it will rust.

Taking advantage of the fact that the frying pan is hot, fill it half way with water and leave it few minutes. Next, remove the water and any remaining leftover that may be present, finish cleaning it with a few drops of soap and hot water. It is important to remove the leftover food, but at the same time don’t rub it more than is necessary. Lastly, dry it with a tea towel.

If not planning to use the pan for a long time, it will be necessary to oil it. It will be enough to coat it with a couple of drops of oil and thereby prevent it from rusting. If it is to be used regularly this is not necessary, but it is recommended for optimum maintenance. It is normal, that with use the surface of the frying pan will start to darken and go black and everyday it will get easier to cook with.

With use, the pan darkens and, everyday, it will be easier to cook with it.

Seasoning your pan

It is recommended that you give the frying pan a deep clean every now and then, to remove any accumulated leftover food and any remaining smells. To do so, simply heat a handful of dry rock salt for 90 seconds at a high heat and then clean with paper towel.

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