The festive season is such a beautiful time, don’t you agree?

Enjoying the company of your extended family spending time together, eating homemade food, playing with the little ones, decorating your home, catching up with old friends…

Despite this, it is interesting to recognise that at this most celebrated time of year one aspect, that of giving those close to us something meaningful, has become some type of obligation.

This is why we are not going to be the ones to tell you that you must buy gifts for everyone, no exceptions (at the end of the day there are many ways to give gifts that do not entail spending money: giving your time, taking care, making something, sharing dishes of homemade food…)

But if you want to give a gift, make sure it’s a good one. Something ethical, environmentally friendly and above all very useful for the lucky recipient.

In order to give you a helping hand, this year (as we did last year and the year before) we have put together a list of useful plastic-free presents for each and every special person in your life.

But that’s not all:

  1. We are again offering our “Plastic-free Santa Clausservice we send your gift with a handwritten note to the special someone of your choice. To take up this festive season service all you have to do is: choose your gift, add it to your shopping cart, enter the delivery address of the lucky recipient and in the “order commentsin the shipping method section specify that it is a present and write the message you would like us to pass on on your behalf.

  1. If you can’t decide what to give someone, we have created our Plastic-free gift cards, so that you can give them to whoever you choose, and that person can decide what it is they really desire from our extensive product range.

Would you like to take a look at the festive gift list we have created this year? Well, let’s get on our merry way:

Our plastic-free useful present list that will have your loved ones jumping over the moon with glee


  1. For your father, who has rediscovered his social side after the pandemic lockdown and has joined the local choir, the theatre group, has started Tai Chi, Olympic rowing and is even learning French. Oh la lá.

“That’s My Dad” Pack:


  1. For your mother, who has great skin and there is nothing she likes more than to get sample skincare sachets from the Pharmacy.

“Silky smooth skin” Pack:


  1. For your Grandpa, who is still looking after the vegetable patch at his advanced age and who has a pantry full, enough to survive three world wars.

“Self-sufficient Granddads” Pack:


  1. For your Grandmother, who has started on a quest as an environmental volunteer, taking part in climate change protests and any day now she is going to turn into a version of Jane Fonda and end up being arrested.

“Rebellious Granny” Pack:


  1. For your sister, who doesn’t let a weekend go by without heading up a mountain and was made climber of the year at her local indoor climbing gym.

“Better than the Brownlee Brothers” Pack:


  1. For your brother, who loves everything vintage and is currently restoring and renovating his new flat with a collector’s taste.

“Beautiful objects for a beautiful home” Pack:


  1. For your partner, who has just finished a cocktail making course and likes to show off their new skills at every opportunity.

“The Entertainer” Pack:


  1. For the littlest member for the family, who simply loves having afternoon tea in the park, jumping in the puddles and covering themselves in mud up to their eyebrows.

“Free as the wind” Pack:


  1. For your young cousin, who has just gotten her first period this year and is sick of people telling her “that she is now a young woman”.

“Welcome first period, let’s be friends” Pack:


  1. For your teenage cousin, who ignores everything and pretends he doesn’t care about anything, however he spends half an hour getting ready in the bathroom every time he wants to go out the front door.

“I’d rather die than make things easy” Pack:


  1. For your friend the yogi, who stretches and bends themselves like a piece of chewing gum and says thanks by saying “Namasté”.

“The salute to the sun” Pack:


  1. For your best friend’s newborn baby, whose mother will appreciate whatever useful item you give them as long as it’s not another matching outfit.

“Hello world!” Pack:

  1. And for everyone else…

Perfect if you are not sure you are going to make the right choice but would like to give those around you a plastic-free gift:

    • Practical

    • Eco-friendly
  • And put together ethically.

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