Challenge #1 – Say goodbye to plastic bags

Each year, 500.000 plastic bags are consumed around the world (around 8.000 millions in Europe), very few are recycled and a huge part of them ends in nature. Besides, they are responsible for the death of thousands of sea mammals who mistake them with food.

Now it is time you make the moove

In our first challenge, the aim is to reduce your plastic bag consumption. Remember that we not only use plastic bags when we go for the weekly grocery shopping. We also do when we go shopping for bread, for clothes, candies or any kind of unplanned purchases.

What is this challenge’s goal?

  1. Become more aware of the amount of plastic bags we use in our everyday life,
  2. start to reduce it,
  3. see how easy it is to get rid of them with small and concrete gestures.

Take on the challenge and participate through social media!

To participate is is very easy: send us a comment, picture video or whatever inspires you on our Facebook, Twitter, pinterest or sending us an email at with the hashtag #ILivePlasticFree where you show us how you managed to get rid of plastic bags.

How say goodbye to bags?

Here you can find 4 basic tips to reduce drastically your plastic bag consumption.

Say goodbye to plastic bags

If you want to know more about why ban plastic bags and how to reduce them, you can read our previous Blog post.

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