Challenge #3 – Plastic Free Cooking

Challenge #3 - Plastic Free Cooking

Today, the consumption of organic and healthy food is growing exponentially. This is synonymous with more and more people being concerned about healthy food. But when you cook food in ceramic or Teflon pans, it is no longer healthy since it turns into plastic.

These kitchen utensils react at high temperatures giving off toxic gases, remains of polytetrafluoroethylene or heavy metals such as aluminium. Some of these toxins are endocrine disruptors. This means that mimic the behavior of hormones producing, even in tiny concentrations (parts per billion), severe mutations at cellular level in both sexes.

Now it is the time you go one step forward

This month, in our third challenge, we suggest you to start cooking healthier, getting rid of all plastic used when cooking.

Remember that you do not only use plastic when cooking with ceramic or Teflon pans but also when using kitchen tools because they are usually made of plastic. We can easily remove them from our kitchen at low cost.

What is this challenge’s goal?

  1. Become aware of the fact that plastic can contaminate our food,
  2. know what materials are good and which are bad when it comes to cooking,
  3. and gradually replace the pans and cooking utensils made of plastic, for others much healthier to keep the flavor and quality of our food.

Take on the challenge and participate through social media!

To participate is is very easy: send us a comment, picture, video or whatever inspires you on our Facebook, Twitter, pinterest or sending us an email at with the hashtag #ILivePlasticFree where you show us how you manage to get rid of plastic when cooking.

How to achieve it?

Here you can find 4 basic tips to reduce drastically your plasticwhen cooking.

Plastic Free Cooking

You can also find very practical advises to cook without plastic in our Blog post Cooking Plastic Free.