Challenge #4 – Celebrating a plastic-free Christmas

Challenge #4 - Celebrating a plastic free Christmas

Christmas is almost here, and it is time we start buying present for all our loved ones. Unfortunately, this consumption is usually impulsive and “imposed” by big brands and  misleading ads.

It is also the time for celebration and as a result, there is an increase of our plastic waste. This waste, from items used only a few hours, will never be absorbed by the planet.

Now it is the time you go one step forward

This month, in our fourth challenge, we suggest you to spend Christmas using as less plastic as possible, buying your presents thoughtfully and looking for plastic-free alternatives, and preparing more eco-friendly, sustainable and responsible celebrations.

You can also seize this festive moment to share your commitment with the planet and your way to celebrate a different Christmas.

What is this challenge’s goal?

  1. Become aware of the possibility of spending different and sustainable Christmas celebrations,
  2. and be able to reduce as much plastic as possible in all your Christmas festivities.

Take on the challenge and share it

We invit you to share our challenge on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest using the hashtag #ILivePlasticFree. You can also send us an email at [email protected] with the subject #ILivePlasticFree in which you tell us how you manage to take on this challenge.