Challenge #6 – Plastic-free beauty

Tips for plastic-free beauty

Makeup, shaving, hair removal, all these beauty rituals  fill up our bathroom with jars and disposable accesories and create a huge amount of plastic wastes.

Moreover, makeup products and cosmetics we use for shaving and hair removal usually contains harmfull substances and microbeads that affect our health and the planet.

Now it is the time you go one step forward

This month, in our sixth challenge, we suggest you to say use less plastic when making yourself beautifull , buying plastic-free product, choosing reusable accesories and opting wet shaving.

What is this challenge’s goal?

  1. Become aware that we use a lot of plastic with makeup, shaving and hair removing,
  2. reduce the plastic footprint of our beauty rituals and
  3. choose ecofriendly, healthy and plastic-free beauty products and accessories.

Take on and share the challenge

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How to achieve it?

Here you can find 4 basic tips to reduce drastically your plastic.

Plastic-free beauty

You can also find some tips in our blog post on this issue: