Challenge #8 – Say goodbye to plastic bottles

Challenge #8 - Say goodbye to plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are one of the most frequent objects we can find in the litter that pollute nature. As plastic is not biodegradable, they last hundreds of years in the environment. Moreover, their cap, plastic ring or the smaller fragment they may turn into, due to degradation, are a real danger for wild animals. They are attracted by their colours and eat them mistaking them with food, and the consequence of this ingestion is a long agony.

Besides, we must not forget to mention that plastic bottles are also a health problem. Plastic chemical components can easily contaminate any drink contained in the bottle and thus be dangerous for us.

Now it is the time you go one step forward

This month, in our eighth challenge, we invite you to reduce your consumption of plastic bottles (cans and Tetra-Pak ® carton included) to a minimum, getting new habits and finding healthy and eco-friendly alternatives.

What is this challenge’s goal?

  1. The goal is to identify the amount of plastic bottles you use,
  2. to be aware of the problem of plastic bottles for your health,
  3. to develop good habits and to find healthy and eco-friendly alternatives.

Take on and share the challenge

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How to achieve it?

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