In our Manifesto #ILivePlasticFree we invite you to consume and connect with the environment in a new way and thus give steps towards a plastic-free life.

As said Sandra, the mother of the Austrian family who lives plastic-free, “…This is not a one month project, and the idea is not to throw everything in the trash, it is a progressive change… because it is not a matter of loosing quality of life, but to buy in a more conscious way, waste free.”

Today we want to take a new step and we propose you to begin the #ILivePlasticFree challenges.

What are the #ILivePlasticFree challenges?

  • From September, a new challenge every month.
  • 10 challenges to reduce plastic in a specific area of your life.
  • Plenty of advices, ideas and alternatives to achieve the challenge.

Why participate in the #ILivePlasticFree challenges?

  • because it is an easy and entertaining way to reduce your plastic consumption gradually and with tangible results.
  • because we will offer you presents, prizes and offers in our shop.
  • because it is a great opportunity to be part of the change and to be part of the #ILivePlasticFree community.

So join us!, participate in our challenges and share them with your friends and family. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and we will give you all the information. We are waiting for you!


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