Do you know that feeling you get when you have something in your hands that belonged to your Grandmother or your Grandfather?
Back in the day, things lasted for decades, sometimes even hundreds of years. If you live together with your family at home, no doubt you know about all the treasures in the attic.
For years now, this has unfortunately been becoming a thing of the past. Every time we look, we are being invaded with more and more single use products. We are not just talking about disposables: nowadays lots of products that are supposed to last for years are being manufactured in a way, that ensures we have to buy a new one as soon as possible.
As you know, Sinplastico backs products that really do last, because it’s the only way we can take good care of the world we live in.
That’s why in this article we have compiled 10 essential plastic-free basics that last a lifetime.

  1. Mineral Iron Frying Pan – from €29.52

Carbon steel frying pan that is eco-friendly, long-lasting and suitable for cooking all types of cuisine. In order to take care of it, all you have to do is give rub down with some oil every now and then.

Our customers recommend them: “They are very high quality”.


  1. Classic scissors – from €15.60

Nickel plated, they deliver an accurate snip. They are the same as those you saw around the house growing up and when you took clothes to the dressmaker for alterations and/or repair. They last a lifetime, and we’re not the only ones to say so.

Multi-purpose Fabric Scissors – €15.60

They cut really well and are comfortable to use”.

Quality Sewing Scissors – €18.95

They are an attractive pair of scissors that I plan to use for my sewing jobs. I have wanted some for years and now I have a pair that will last me for the rest of my life”.


  1. Bread bag – €8.50

Even though they offer you your bread in a paper bag, it is still a waste of resources to use one every single day. With this organic cotton bread bag (that has been made right here in Spain), you can grab that fresh loaf of bread every day for the rest of your life without generating any unnecessary waste.

In our shop they say: “It’s a good size, for all types of bread from baguettes to loaves.”


  1. Stainless Steel Lunch Box – from €16.20

Whichever one you choose you will be sure to have dozens of unforgettable picnics and be able to take your lunch or snacks to work with you for years to come. They come with 2 plates incorporated inside and they are dishwasher-safe. They are available in lots of different shapes and sizes.

Stainless steel tiffin box 14cm – €16.20

Very useful for taking a meal for one with you, without needing to use any plastic or glass that weighs a lot more. Plates come included, inside the lunch box itself”.

Stainless steel oval lunch box 16 cm – €16.80

Super practical for taking snacks on the go…”


  1. Bottles and stainless Steel Thermos – from €25.13

A thermos is the most practical option for taking hot and cold drinks with you when out and about. These ones are free from BPA and from other harmful chemicals.

Pura sport mini kid`s stainless steel bottle 325ML 

So great!  it’s easy to take with you on the go”.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask 946 ml 49,90 €

The perfect size and it holds the heat really well.”


  1. Old-fashioned Safety Razor

A simple swap for your daily shave, but it means kilos of plastics are avoided around the planet. The replacement razor blades are sold in small cardboard packets. Choose well, because they are rust resistant and they last forever.

Safety Shaver for your face or your body – from €15.85

They say about it: “I’ve been using plastic ones all my life and this one is working 1000 times better. I’m surprised. I love it!”.

Rytmo” Safety Razor with Ash wood handle – €39.80

What they tell us in the shop: “I love this shaver, its design and everything, a product to keep for a lifetime”.


  1. Shaving brush – €17.50

An unforgettable and useful gift to complete your classic shaving kit. All the different models available in our e-shop are made from natural hair, so that no plastic ends up going down the drain.

This customer says: “My partner loves theirs, a lot more than the ones they sell in the supermarket. They think it’s softer.”


  1. Wooden comb – from €7.50

It seems like something unimportant, however perhaps you haven’t thought about the fact that commercial combs and hairbrushes are also made from plastic. These wooden combs have anti-static properties to help control the frizz, and if you get one you won’t need to replace it any time soon.

Wooden pocket comb – €7.50

Very practical and easy for taking with you in your handbag or when travelling. For me it works great because I have short hair and I don’t need anything else”.

Wooden comb with handle (18 cm) – €15.95

Perfect. Good finish, soft, very easy to use”.

  1. Children’s handkerchief (organic cotton) – €2.64 each

Spring often means we have to call on an every day necessity. Using these handkerchiefs, made from organic cotton and put together in Spain, presents a great opportunity to teach our children that these everyday products can be reused. Like we all used to.

Our customers say: “They are very soft, they wash very well and for me this is the perfect size (same size as a disposable tissue). I’m very happy with them.”


  1. Cotton cheesecloth bags for shopping in bulk – from €3.55 each

They are so light and see-through meaning it is not even necessary to open them when paying at check out. Made from Spanish and Turkish cotton, they have been designed and made in Spain. They don’t have any seams at the base of the bag to make them stronger and that way you can keep using them for years to come. Take note of the size measurements so that you can choose the one that will work best for you and your shopping needs. You’ll be able to shop without needing even one single plastic bag.

Good quality, very satisfied with this option”..

At Sinplastico we love products that last.
Perhaps you are looking for another type of product that is designed to last a lifetime, but it wasn’t amongst this selection:


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