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There are some products that are personal, very personal. These are the ones that you deliberate over for a long time before you buy them, because you don’t want to make the wrong decision. The ones that you need to feel 100% happy with every day.

One of these products is deodorant.

The last thing you want when you are hurrying, stressed, caught up in the daily hustle and bustle of life is for your deodorant to let you down, right?

Therefore, in line with our philosophy of recommending plastic-free alternatives that respect your health and that of the planet, we have decided to suggest various natural deodorant options so that you can find your favourite and thereby leave mainstream deodorants behind.

Shall we begin?


Desodorantes con plastico

Commercial deodorants contain synthetic compounds such as parabens, that are considered by organizations, like the Environmental Working Group, to be toxic and to contaminate our hormonal systems..

As well as parabens, artificial deodorants also contain added fragrances. These synthetic perfumes are endocrine disruptors that can modify our hormonal system resulting in disease.

Another family of ingredients that are in the spotlight are the aluminium salts, for exampleAluminium chlorohydrate. Organisations such as the Environmental Working Group consider aluminium salts to be neurotoxic and recommend restricting their use., Meanwhile, studies such as este de la this one, carried out by Reading University have warned of the potential relationship between these salts and breast cancer. On the other hand, the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety consider that aluminium is toxic at high doses, but maintain that there is not enough evidence to issue an adequate risk assessment.

Finally, unlike natural deodorants most commercial deodorants are sold in plastic packaging and it is difficult to find vegan brands and those with cruelty-free certification.


1. The 4X4 version: for those who don’t stop all day

Desodorantes Sinplastico

“Fresh Up” Solid Natural Deodorant – 13,50€

Small but deadly. This solid vegan deodorant is made in France and is perfect if you spend the day running from one place to the next. Its special combination of essential oils (not suitable for pregnant nor breastfeeding women), clay and sodium bicarbonate make it unbeatable. To top it off, it is sold in a practical little tin that you can refill when required..

Listen to what people say: “It lasts exactly as long as stated, it does not let off a smell. After working all day and going to class nothing smells and without having to reapply deodorant all the time, like I did with the normal version”

Palmarosa Solid Natural Deodorant – 9,90€

This 100% cruelty-free certified deodorant bar withstands whatever you throw at it. Its combination of natural ingredients eliminate bacteria that cause bad odours, giving you the confidence you need all day long. In order to take it travelling, you can simply pop it in a reusable wrap or a glass jar. Be aware: it is not suitable for sensitive skin or those susceptible to irritation.

Listen to what they say: “ At the moment it is the best natural deodorant that I have tried. It doesn’t smell at all. It is easy to apply and it seems to last a long time.”.

2. The gentle version: for those with delicate and sensitive skin

Cocoon Solid Natural Deodorant – 13,50€

If your skin is sensitive and cannot withstand essential oils, this is the deodorant for you. The combination of candelilla wax, arrowroot and clay ensures this little French handmade deodorant bar is moisturising, is antiperspirant and mops up excess moisture. In addition, it is perfect for use during pregnancy or lactation and it is sold in an attractive little tin, so that you can buy the refill when required down the track.

Listen to what they say: “It is the second one I have purchased and I am very happy. I love the fact that you can buy it with or without the tin in order to be able to refill and not buy packaging every time. This time I bought it with its little tin. It is really cute and easy to take everywhere!”

Desodorante Cocoon Sinplastico

3. The practical option: for those who just want to stop smelling

Sodium Bicarbonate in a paper bag

If you are super practical, this deodorant is for you. Sodium Bicarbonate is a natural antibacterial and is perfect for keeping smells and odours at bay. Take a pinch of bicarb with wet fingers and rub together to make a small amount of paste, then simply apply this to your clean underarms each morning. You will be surprised, it really works!

bicarbonato desodorante Sinplastico

As you can see, there are many alternatives to traditional commercial deodorants that are healthier and more respectful for both our planet and us, the people. Would you like to give it a try?

Are you still not sure which is the best natural deodorant for you?

Don’t worry. Just send us an email or give us a call on 0034944076388 and we will help you choose, so that you get it right first time.

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