Is there anything more important than having a good health? No. And a good way to live a healthy life is to consume green products. There is no doubt that our food is essential to our organism and the king of food we choose is directly related to our health. That is why, eating organic food is the best choice.

Benefits of organic food:

1) It is the best way to avoid harmful substances like synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. In most cases, wash the food we eat does not guarantee the elimination of those products.  That is why, the best option is organic food as it is chemical free food.

2) Organic food supplies better nutrients and vitamins in quantity and quality in particular, if we choose local, seasonal and freshly harvested products.

3) With organic food, what matters is not products’ appearance. On the contrary, a lot of chemicals are added to make food look nicer, but at the end the flavour is what matters!

4) Green products are GMO-free. So we can be eassured about the king of food we eat, us, and our family.

5) Organic farming has a very positive impact on land quality.  It ensures us food security and diversity at a local scale.

6) If we choose local providers, organic food is good for the local economy and alternative purchasing areas like farmer’s markets or small shops.

Conclusion: choose organic food is a very good way to be part of the change of the system of consumption to make it better for our health but also for the planet and the economy.


  1. Very interesting post on the benefits of organic products. Awesome and step by step explanation. I really appreciate the way you have written and explained. Good work..!!!

  2. I like how you think and the way you speak to your perspectives in this article. I concur with your mindset. Much thanks to you for sharing.

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