Christmas is the time of the year of consumerism: with presents, meals and travels, the holiday season is the moment when our ecological footprint grows steadily.

In Sinplástico we want to give some tips to reduce our plastic impact during this Christmas season and be able to enjoy Christmas without arming the environment:

  • For Christmas purchases, let’s not forget our reusable bags so that we avoid single use plastic bags.
  • Choose eco-friendly gifts and avoid over-packaged products. Give gifts can be a way to share values.
  • Prefer sustainable and healthy cooking. Buy your ingredients by bulk and choose local and organic products.
  • Avoid disposable tableware. It is the kind of waste that we find most in our oceans and on our beaches. Besides, don’t you think real tableware makes your table prettier?
  • Try plastic-free Christmas decorations or, better yet, made at home. It is a very entertaining activity specially for children.
  • Seize Christmas celebrations to share your commitment with the planet. The plastic contamination is still an unknown issue and it is very important to make it known.

As you see, plan a Christmas celebration with less plastic possible and the best way to prove it is to do it.  It is the opportunity to demonstrate to ourselves and to a lot of people that another way to live and consume is possible. Will you go for it?

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