It is now evident that the current model of consumption is clearly not sustainable. That is why, in order to ensure a decent and fair future to our children, we have to commit to new buying habits more in line with the limits of the Earth.

A good way to do it is to start reducing our plastic use, and here are the reasons why:

1- It compels us to think where and how we are going to buy. This careful purchasing decision replaces spontaneous purchasing decisions – in most cases less responsible – and help us to buy less and better.

2- It enables us to buy healthier products and so improve our own and our family’s health. It helps us to buy fresh food, in bulk, local, free from preservatives and additives, salt or added sugar…

3- It helps us to resist to brand marketing strategies. As you may know, and  can see it every day, a big part of products appeal is its packaging. If we look for a package-free product, we directly stop considering it to base our purchasing decision and we can make it on better criteria like quality, price or proximity.

4- It makes us reduce our consumption in general. We will stop buying synthetic low cost clothes, single use products or any kind of useless gadgets. We will buy what we really need!

5- And finally, it is a great way to make big companies know taht the packaging of the products they sell is their responsibility not the one of the customers. Buying is voting! And if more and more consumers reject over packaged products – most of them made from plastic – the industry will have to change its way to design and market their products.


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