The pregnancy is a very important moment in our babies´construction. This is the period of the formation of their organs and the ensemble of the physical elements which will enable them to benefit a great health in the future.

During his first months within his mother’s uterus, the foetus is especially sensitive to his environment. The placenta protects him from many things like diseases or infections, but it is not made to be a filter against the toxics of our environment.

In this article, we offer you some easy guidelines in order to enable you, during your pregnancy, to protect yourself from the harmful substances you could be in contact with and offer your baby a healthy and safe environment.

For the house cleaning and maintenance, it is better to avoid:

  • Air fresheners, aromatic candles and incenses, in particular synthetic ones.
  • Paintings, solvents, and varnishes.
  • Cleaning products which are not natural or, at least, with an ecological label.
  • New pieces of furniture. If you buy a new piece of furniture for your baby, let it in a well aired room during a few weeks.
  • Domestic pesticides and sprays.

And we suggest you to ventilate properly, several times a day your house.

For the personal care and the beauty rituals:

When you eat :

  • Avoid plastic when you are cooking or eating.
  • Try to buy organic food as often as possible.
  • Quit industrial food preparation that usually contains more sugra, salt and additives. It is better to eat home-made food.
  • Don’t eat food packed with plastic and cans. All cans are plastified and contain hormonal disrutores. The best option is to buy in bulk or in gtlass jars.
  • Reduce the consumption of fishes which get much mercury (tuna and salmon).

When you select and clean your clothes:

  • Wash the clothes you have newly bought to remove some toxic materials.
  • Favour natural and organic texture clothes.
  • Ideally buy second hand clothes. It is cheaper, less toxic, and more ecological.

We hope that these advices will help you to live a more natural and healthy pregnancy; and we remind you that you can have a look on our advices of plastic free nurtring on our blog A healthy and plastic free nurtring.


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