Every year 89 billions of plastic water bottles are consumed around the world, 40% of them in Europe.

In this post, we want to share with you 4 good reasons to stop buying bottled water and some tips to avoid it.

Why do we advise not to drink bottled water?

  1. Bottled water has a huge impact on the environment:

    • Its production process, bottling and transport has a very high ecological footprint.

    • It produces a colossal amount of waste and the majority ends up in nature without being treated or recycled.

  2.  Bottled water is not as healthy as we may think:

    • A lot of bottled waters are neither mineral nor mineralized, they are just filtered-like tap water. A lot of studies demonstrate that in many cases, bottled water has the same or sometimes even worse quality than tap water.

    • Besides, scientific investigations demonstrate that the plastic of those bottles, PET in most cases, release toxic substances, such as phthalate, antimony, formaldehyde or acetaldehyde, in the water. This means that even high-quality bottled water is very likely to contain plastic additives.

  3. Bottled water is against the concept of: “water as a public good”. There are areas where the quality of tap water is not optimal. Under the excuse that people may have access to “private” water, we should not allow the fact that these areas do not have drinking and high-quality public water available. Access to good drinking water should not be through plastic bottles.

  4. Buying bottled water is much more expensive than drinking tap water. In Europe, we are talking about 250 to 1000 times greater.

Basic tips and alternatives to say goodbye to bottled water.

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