sinplastico reducimos nuestra huella ambiental

For the first time we want to open the doors (even online) of our office-warehouse, so you know how we work every day at Sinplástico to reduce our footprint. We want to show you how we take care of the planet, so that you can be inspired and encouraged to do the same in your home or company.


In the office

  • Second Hand Equipment

Equipo informatico de segunda mano

The environmental footprint of electronic equipment is enormous. o give you an idea, to make a single computer you need 240 kg of fossil fuels, 22 kg of chemicals and 1,500 litres of water. That’s why we decided to buy second-hand and refurbished laptops for our office. Most towns and cities around Europe have small computer retailers that can fix computers or have refurbished laptops, so you can support local businesses and don´t always have to go the big retailers. By doing this ourselves it allowed us to give a second life to a computer and stops electronic, poisonous material ending up in landfill.

  • Clean Energy

To reduce the impact of energy generated by non-renewable sources, we are part of GoiEner (Green Energy Consumption Cooperative). That makes 100% of the energy we consume sustainable. If you want to join a company similar to GoiEner but its not in your area or country, you can look for other cooperatives like SomEnergía or find all the sustainable energy european cooperatives in Rescoop website.

  • Zero Waste Office

At Sinplástico we generate almost no waste at all; we reuse paper and cardboard as much as possible until we throw it into the recycling bin. We compost our organic waste (like food remains) through the collection system of Bilbao and the little waste we do generate (waste that can not be reused, recycled or composted), we put them in a small trash that we take out approximately every three weeks.

  • Accessible Location

If something was clear when were setting up our company; we needed a place that was easy to reach on foot or by public transport. Our office-warehouse is located in the heart of Bilbao, so both the people who buy from us and our team can either walk or cycle, use the bus, metro, train or tram. This has not only allowed 6 of the 7 people that form Sinplástico to walk or use public transport to work every day, but with our central location customers can pick up their purchases and has avoided more than 2,000 shipments since opening.

Delivery & shipments

  • Reusing packaging


reutilizamos embalajes

We reuse as much as possible the boxes and fillings of our suppliers for your deliveries. Approximately 5-10% of the boxes we send to individuals are second-hand, while our professional customers receive 95% of reused packaging.

  • Small Packaging

The rest of the boxes that we use, we order them in different sizes so that your order fits perfectly leaving no space. This way we use less filler paper and we help lessen the carbon footprint in delivering your parcel, since our packages take up less space in the delivery trucks.

  • Everything in the same store = less CO2

We continue expanding our catalogue so you can find all the products without plastic that you need in the same store and thus avoid several shipments.

Office and cleaning materials

  • Sustainable cleaning products

limpieza oficina residuo cero

We buy our ecological cleaning products in bulk and without packaging in a local store, while for general cleaning we use litres and litres of white vinegar.

  • Products of daily use

We buy the products we consume in the store, such as organic coffee or tea, in bulk or in glass containers.

  • Stationery

All our paper is certified Ecolabel and FSC and packaged in paper.

Lend a hand to the planet by reducing the use of plastic

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