This January, as we do every year, Sinplastico has decided not to take part in the January sales.

Why? To start with, as you already know, we are not huge fans of the dates that mark and encourage senseless consumption. However, in addition, we believe that the sales detract value from the products that we stock in our e-store.

It may be that this January you are faced with zero waste items that are highly discounted and you think to yourself: “why wouldn’t I jump at the chance?”. At the end of the day, we all know that money doesn’t grow on trees and occasionally a little help goes a long way.

Having said that, before you co ahead and hit that BUY button, we would like you to read this post, in which we share the following ideas with you:

  1. The real costs that are behind our prices.
  1. How we guarantee you a fair price all year round.

Fair prices for fair products

Behind each and every Sinplastico product there lies a lot of hard work, care and investment.

Therefore, we would like to explain the cost associated with every link in our supply chain.

Check this out:

1. Raw Materials:

The raw materials used to manufacture Sinplastico’s products are of undeniable quality.

Our reusable products are made from high quality stainless steel, medical-grade silicone (derived from silicon, not petroleum), natural rubber, wood from sustainable plantations and organic cotton.

Meanwhile ,the cosmetic and personal care products contain cold-pressed plant-based oils, natural waxes and non-synthetic aromas derived from plants.

Due to their quality, the price of these raw materials is higher than others available on the market, and this is reflected in the product’s final price.

2. Manufacturing:

The manufacturers of our products are good examples of fair and responsible manufacturing.

This is why they have to incorporate additional costs that other more careless companies don’t have to factor in: fair wages, safe work environments, investing in sustainability and associated certification, etc.

3. Transport:

Transport from the factory to the Sinplastico warehouse is also done in a responsible manner.

We only place orders with our suppliers and manufacturers when we can fill a pallet full of products or, if they are based further afield (like a select few factories we work with in China), when they are already looking to fill and send a shipping container our way.

This is how we reduce our carbon footprint.

4. Sinplastico:

Our small online store is a social cooperative based in Bilbao, Spain. We are made up of a permanent team of 8 people and a handful of faithful collaborators.

This means that, like any other business, we have to pay out certain fixed expenses each and every month: our warehouse rent, social security costs, salaries, tax payments, upkeep of our computer equipment and programs, maintenance of our website, blog and social media accounts, etc.

However, to be a real and truly eco-friendly store we do something that seems to be being left behind by many other online shops.

Unlike Amazon and the renown drop shipping websites with whom you place an order for 10 products and you receive 10 individual parcels from 10 different places (that allows them to save on salaries, warehouse rent and product holding), at Sinplastico we invest in our own stock.

This represents an investment of tens of thousands of Euros in zero waste products that are always available for purchase at any given time directly from our warehouse.

Doing so allows us to; keep our team of 8 workers, avoid having to pressure manufacturers and couriers, and send all the products ordered in one single parcel, saving on the kilometres travelled and reducing our overall carbon footprint.

How we keep costs down to offer you fair prices all year round

Now that you know about the quality that goes into our products and the social and environmental care taken to get each and every product to you by Sinplastico, we would like to explain just how we keep costs down in order to be able to deliver fair and just prices throughout the year, and without those who form part of our supply chain suffering the consequences:

1. We manufacture our own products:

Since the very beginning we have invested in manufacturing our own products from organic cotton, put together and sewn in Spanish textile workshops: gauze and mesh produce bags for shopping in bulk, bags for making plant-based drinks, bread bags, make-up removing pads, reusable flannel wipes for baby changing, breastfeeding pads, and even scrunchy hair ties as well as fabric sanitary pads.

Manufacturing our own products we manage to optimise margins, whilst delivering high quality products (if you take good care of them, our bags will last for decades) and we do so in a way that is fair and sustainable for all concerned.

2. We buy directly from the manufacturers, without any middle-men:

Most of our products are ordered directly from the manufacturer, without the need for any intermediaries. This enables us to:

  • Reduce costs: by reducing the number of “hands” involved between the manufacturer and us, we are able to reduce the overall distribution costs.
  • Know the materials used and the work conditions offered to those who have produced these items for us.
  • Be able to guarantee, beyond any doubt, the origin of the product that you are buying.

3. Offer small discounts when we can afford to do so:

We don’t like the annual sales, Black Friday or consumerism in general. But we do like to make things easier for you.

After placing a few orders we send you a discount code to show our appreciation of your loyalty and the trust you have placed in us.

Every now and then (if there is something new available, if we want to give you a present or if we have too much stock of any one product), we also offer you small discounts.

Spoiler: if you don’t want to miss out on any, we recommend that you sign up to fortnightly newsletter below.

Fair prices all year round: our way of being more aligned with what we stand for

We hope that this post has helped you to understand a little better all that lies behind an ethical product and why Sinplastico chooses to maintain fair prices throughout the whole year instead of taking part in seasonal sales.

The bottom line is, we feel it’s the right thing to do.

If you too agree and if now or down the track you need any of our products for plastic-free living, we will be waiting to assist you at our e-store.

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