This month, in our first challenge, we will help you reduce your use of plastic bags when it comes to go shopping.


  • Because every year, we use 500 billion bags around the world (8 billion in Europe).

  • Because they are ingested by animals mistaking them with food.

  • Because their useful life is around 15 minutes, but they will contaminate nature for hundreds of years.

But, how say goodbye to plastic bags?

To do so , think about what kind of bags they use to give you in shops and start planning what you will need to replace them.

  1. Take a shopping bag or a trolley to carry what you have bought.

  2. Use cloth bags to weight fruits and vegetables; they are light, reusable and easy to clean.

  3. By bread in at the bakery, even sliced bread, and keep it in coton bread bag. It will keep your bread fresh and tender but without trapping it in moisture so that it avoids mold development.

  4. Bring your jars and recipients when you buy meat and fish or any kind of products that could stain.

  5. Always have with you a cloth bag for any unplanned purchases.

Now it is your turn, start our challenge: What are your tricks to go shopping plastic-free? How do you avoid plastic bags packaging and plastified paper? What kind of bags and recipients do you take with you when you go shopping shopping?


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