Shampoo bars are the best alternatives for your hair. Liquid shampoos are usually made with synthetic substances like paraben and silicones that can be harmful for your scalp, your hair and the planet. They usually make oily hair more oily and dry hair even dryer.

A solution to these problems caused by traditional shampoos is to use shampoo bars. They are usually more natural and healthier especially if they are organic.

The main benefits of shampoo bars

  • A very good value for money.  Because the price of shampoo bars can be higher than the one of a bottle of shampoo, solid shampoos can appear more expensive than liquid ones. But shampoo bars last longer. First because you use less shampoo when it comes in as a bar as it is easier to use the right dose. Besides, after a short period of adaptation, you will need to wash less frequently than when you use liquid shampoo.
  • They are usually more natural. Liquid shampoos are full of all kind of synthetic components to make them liquid, smooth, sparkling or whatever industrials want them to be. Even organic liquid shampoos can bring these kind of chemicals. Shampoo bars, especially if they are organic, have a much more simple composition.
  • They are better for the environment. Thanks to this simpler composition, they do not release chemicals or plastic micro-beads in the environment. Shampoo bars also are package-free which make them the perfect zero-waste option.
  • They are very practical. Easy to use, you just have to wet it and use it directly on your hair. They are also very compact for your gym bag or your luggages, and you can take them on a plane.
  • They make your hair healthier. Our hair is healthier when you use shampoo bars because it is less aggressive than “industrial” liquid shampoos. With solid shampoo you will not to wash your hair as frequently and soon it will be strong and silky as ever.

In our shop, you can find a wide range of natural shampoo bars. Changing our hygiene habits is not always easy but go ahead and you will see that to try it is to adopt it!


  1. To be liquid, silky, sparkly, or whatever else the industrialists want them to be, liquid shampoos are loaded with a wide variety of different kinds of synthetic components.

  2. The shampoo bars are a great zero-waste choice because they don’t require any packaging. Wet hair and apply product immediately to it; that’s all! They are lightweight and small enough to fit in a carry-on bag or gym bag.

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