Sinplástico takes it’s first steps

Not so long ago, quality and excellency were decisive when buying anything, particularly if you were going to take it home. Life-long philosophy ruled. The items were long lasting, could be repaired, made nearby, out of fine materials, etc. Bottles, for example, were taken back, washed and refilled. There was no need for destroying and manufacturing them again in order to use them for the same purposes. Nowadays a different culture is imposed: new, cheap, discount, easily and quickly are the slogans.

One of the most telling examples is the indiscriminate use of plastic bags. A few years earlier we used to go shopping with the basket or the bags which hung on our kitchen door. Big stores begun to give plastic bags for free appealing to our comfort, because we might forget our bags at home. Now that we are used not to think, we are told we must be more ecologic and, therefore, they sell their own shopping bags, still nothing more than plastic. We put up with it thinking that we are already working for the planet. But there’s a lot of work to do yet.

Plastic pollutes the environment and contaminates us people. It’s components (usually unknown), since in contact with the foodstuff we eat, both directly and indirectly, are detrimental to our health.

But we don’t just want to criticise and denounce the use and throw culture, we intend to be an optimistic and constructive Web site. We want to offer alternatives, and our solution is quite simple. Stop, think about it, give some new little steps.

We are very glad to offer you this blog as an instrument of information which can help in turning our shopping into responsible acts.

Author: Marion de La Porte


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