Solid toothpaste – one of the zero waste products that generates more doubts and questions than any other.

Will it clean my teeth as effectively as traditional toothpaste? Will it effect my teeth’s enamel? Will it taste good? Will it foam up as usual?

To help you find the answers to your questions we want to share the following in this post:

  1. The advantages of solid natural toothpaste.

  2. Dentists’ opinions about these types of toothpastes.

  3. Our recommendations, so that you find the best natural solid toothpaste to suit your needs.

The advantages of natural eco-friendly toothpastes over traditional toothpaste

Natural solid toothpaste is becoming a more and more commonly used alternative to conventional toothpastes for various reasons:

  1. They are free from toxic ingredients:

Regular toothpastes contain ingredients that are potentially toxic and harmful to our health, such as carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. Solid toothpastes that are made from natural ingredients (rather than synthetic ones) are free from these compounds.

  1. They don’t contain microplastics:

Some cosmetics, such as toothpastes, contain intentionally added microplastic particles in their make-up. Although the EU has taken steps towards banning them, the big well-known brands continue to include them in their formulations.

  1. They’re zero waste:

Whichever format you choose (solid toothpaste, tooth powder or chewable dental care tablets) natural toothpastes don’t come packaged in plastic, but instead in glass, paper or in an aluminium tin, and there are also refills available.

Natural eco-friendly toothpaste: What do dentists say about it?

Despite the evident advantages, one of the biggest doubts people have when considering a natural solid toothpaste is, whether it will clean and take care of their teeth and gums as well as traditional toothpastes.

Unfortunately, we haven’t found many studies on the topic, but we have found some dentists’ opinions, like this one from a dental clinic in Barcelona, that points out the advantages using natural toothpaste has for our health: “Natural toothpastes offer several advantages when compared with conventional toothpastes. Being formulated with natural ingredients, often including a base of essential oils (such as coconut oil) and herbs, such as some organic, aromatic, pesticide-free herbs etc. they do not damage dental enamel, they help reduce gum inflammation and they do not cause gastrointestinal problems”.

Faced with a lack of information, we have asked our dentists and they have told us that, if you don’t have any specific problems with your teeth and gums that would benefit from using a particular toothpaste (such as sensitivity), you can use whatever toothpaste you choose.

In fact Marion, our co-founder, has been using solid natural toothpaste for years along with a wooden toothbrush and natural silk dental floss and her dentist can assure us that her teeth are perfectly well cared for.

This is because, as they have always told us, in order to have good dental hygiene the important thing is to follow these steps:

  1. ALWAYS brush your teeth after every meal.

  2. Brush gently for at least 2 minutes from the gum line to the tip of your teeth, never the other way round (in order to not damage your gums).

  3. Use dental floss regularly to eliminate any food left stuck between your teeth.

  4. For a better clean, combine dental floss with interdental brushes (unfortunately we have not yet found plastic-free options here, however we are still searching).

Toothpaste, tooth powder or chewable tooth tablets? Finding the perfect natural toothpaste for you

1. Crystal Natural Toothpaste – €10.50€

This mint flavoured solid toothpaste is a classic in our product range, it keeps on winning over new converts every year. Not only that, it’s cousin, the Candiz natural toothpaste with its red berry flavour is ideal for taking care of your children’s teeth.

Why we recommend it:

  • Its mint flavour is refreshing and makes the transition from traditional toothpastes to a natural solid option easier.

  • It lasts and lasts. It’s small but packs a punch.

  • Thanks to its little aluminium tin, you can take it wherever you desire. So easy.

  • It’s vegan.

  • Its refillable. When your little tin runs out you can buy a refill here.

What you need to know before you try it:

  • It foams up, however not as much as traditional toothpaste.

  • The flavour may surprise you to begin with (as it is not as artificial as the traditional mint toothpastes), however in a couple of days you’ll have gotten used to it.

What our customers say:

I have been trying out solid toothpastes for a long time – this is the first one that really works and that I like!”.

It’s the first time that I’ve used it and it has really surprised me, I love it! I will buy it again”.

I love it! It leaves your mouth feeling fresh and your don’t have to use very much at all”.

2. PAOS Natural Chewable Toothpaste Tablets – €9.90

These chewable toothpaste tablets arrived in our store not long ago, but we already love them. This is because the freshness they deliver after brushing can match just about any traditional toothpaste.

Why we recommend you try them:

What you need to know before you try them:

  • To brush your teeth with this toothpaste you have to chew up the tablet first, this may feel a little strange to begin with. But don’t worry, your get used to it very quickly.

What our customers say:

Good flavour and it leaves behind a lovely fresh mouth feel, easy to use and hygienic”.

Easy to use, great flavour, hygienic and refillable”

3. Tooth & Gum Powder – €7.50

We are really keen on this natural powdered toothpaste that has just arrived at Sinplastico. Its sweet liquorice flavour and the freshness it delivers won us over from the first time we tried it.

Why we recommend it:

  • Its sweet liquorice flavour makes brushing your teeth an absolute pleasure.
  • Its formulation is so simple yet very effective, with only 5 ingredients: xylitol, white clay, calcium carbonate, liquorice root and marshmallow root.
  • It comes in a little metal tin making it super easy to take with you.

What you need to know before you use it:

  • Using it correctly is very easy. You simply have to wet your toothbrush, load your brush by placing it on the surface of the powder and then brush your teeth as usual.
  • It does not foam up, but it leaves your breath extra fresh.

What our customers tell us:

This product is new to our product range and we haven’t yet received any customer feedback, but this is what Sara, Graphic Designer in our team, thinks and she uses this toothpaste on a daily basis.

“I love this toothpaste, it´s my new favourite! Licorice is one of my favourite roots, so I am a big fan of how it feels in my mouth. My teeth feel clean and pleasantly soft after using it

It’s not all about toothpaste: you have more best friends when it comes to overall oral health and dental hygiene

Además de escoger una pasta dental adecuada para ti, es importante que no te olvides de contar con otros aliados básicos sin plástico para tu salud bucodental.

Como nuestros cepillos de madera local con cabezales recambiables:

Locally-made wooden toothbrush handle – €9.00

Replacement heads for the beechwood toothbrush handle – €2.70

O este hilo dental de seda natural recargable:

Natural biodegradable dental floss – €4.40

Natural biodegradable dental floss refill (2x10m) – €5.20


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    You put a lot of effort into your advertising. It is first class and we greatly appreciate all the details you give.
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