If you have been following us for a while, you will remember…

This time last year, we decided not to take part in the sales in order to donate part of our profit for January to the Surfrider Foundation.

The truth is, that we didn’t know what we would be able to achieve, but together we were able to protest against thoughtless buying, whilst at the same time raising more than 1,000 Euros to help protect our oceans.

This is money that enabled Surfrider to carry out important environmental awareness and education work that is not financed by any particular project. The NGO has been able to work in the following three areas:

  • The environmental volunteers program, Ocean Initiatives: offering support to the collection of marine waste events organised by volunteers.
  • Lobbying work: taking responsibility for (along with other organisations) demanding that the government make changes to legislation relating to climate change and marine waste.
  • Educational work and presentations: raising awareness about the marine waste problem and explaining what people can do to change their habits.

Don’t you think it’s pretty incredible to achieve all of this by just replacing the sales with donations?

We do. Therefore, in 2020 we have decided to do it again.


During this month, 5% of Sinplastico’s profit will go towards helping Equinac, a rescue and rehabilitation centre for Mediterranean marine animals based in Almeria, south of Spain.
Equinac is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to address strandings of marine turtles and cetaceans on the coast of the province of Almeria, as well as other exotic pets, in collaboration with other NGOs working in different animal species.

Get to know more about Equinac’s work Asociación Equinac en su web: www.asociacionequinac.org via their website and social media.


At Sinplástico we do not want our work to contribute to thoughtless consumerism.

As a result, for a number of years we have been making an effort to help you to shop in a more conscious and informed way:

    • We do not take part in the January or the Summer sales, we offer discounts to commemorate dates we think are important, like World Animal Day.
    • Last Black Friday we closed our e-shop for the whole day to show our disapproval.
    • We put together thorough product information, including every detail you might need, along with verified opinions in the hope that you will know exactly whether this is the product you need.

This is our way of showing you that a more sustainable way of shopping is possible.

Do you want to know how much money we raise for Equinac?

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