In our society, there is a lot of importance placed on physical appearance. Nowadays, it is frowned upon for a woman to go out without some make up on or for a man not be perfectly shaved.

At Sinplástico we defend natural beauty but, without going as far as saying that true beauty is inside, we assume that each person lives its own aesthetic freely and that the solution to look pretty without using plastic cannot be based on the denial of the interest of using makeup and the elimination of cosmetic products.

But if you have a quick look to your bathroom, you will notice that we all tend to use too much plastic when it comes to try to look great: a huge collection of makeup products and accesories , disposable razors, a wide range of nail polish colours or any kind of products to have a perfect skin. Big brands and mass media have been very good at turning us into beauty products compulsive buyers. And the result of these excesses is that our bathroom is full of plastic containers and disposable accesories.

To help you clean this mess, have better and healthier habits and reduce our impact on nature, we leave you these very easy and practical tips to reduce the use of plastic in your beauty rituals::

  • Analyse your makeup bag to know what products you really use and need in order to reduce the amount of these items to the strictly necessary ones, and achieve to resist all those we buy because Advertisment tell us to.
  • Choose plastic-free packaged beauty products. There are a lot of brands that offer options with very few or no plastic at all.
  • Go for wet shaving, it is much better for your skin, the planet and your wallet!
  • Avoid disposable accessories as make-up remover tissues, single use razors or hair remover wax strips. You can easily find very efficient, reusable and eco-friendly options.
  • Choose organic and natural cosmetics for makeup and shaving because a lot of the “current” creams we can find on the market contain microbeads and harmful substances that pollute the oceans and are dangerous for our health.

And overall, remember that the mass media has a big influence on the standards of beauty and that we should not mistake beauty with uniformity. We really do not need so much stuff to look nice since we are all beautiful in our own way.

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