Every day in the world, we use millions of plastic bottles and many end up in the environment.

These bottles are the main plastic waste we can find in the oceans. Indeed, too often, plastic bottle caps are found in sea animals’ stomach. They mistake them with food and eat them. As a result, the digestive system gets full of plastic what usually leads to a long and painful death of the animal.

Recycling is not the solution

Regarding these facts, people usually consider recycling as the best solution. The issue here is not what we can do with the bottle after using it, but to reduce our consumption of disposable plastic bottles. Because if we did recycle all the bottles consumed in the world in one year, we could, for example, manufacture much more fleeces that all inhabitants of our planet need in a lifetime. In other words, the best waste is the one that does not exist.

Finally, we cannot talk about plastic bottle issues without mentioning health problems. Plastic’s additives used to make bottles can contaminate the beverage they contain, especially in cases of fizzy or acid drinks, or when they are exposed to sunlight and heat.

Let’s reduce our use of disposable plastic bottles

For all these reasons, we stand up for a plastic bottle free world and give you some very simple and practical tips to be part of it:

  • At home,  drink tap water using glasses or glass pitchers to store it. If necessary, you can use natural plastic-free filters.
  • Outdoors, use stainless steel or glass bottles that you can easily clean and reuse. In the long term, they are much more healthy, eco-friendly and affordable!
  • Make your own juices and fruit smoothies, they are much tastier and have more vitamins than industrial juices.
  • When you buy any beverage, choose those in glass bottles. They are better for both your health and the planet, since glass is toxin-free and recyclable.
  • Regarding cosmetics, you can find natural and organic cosmetics in glass bottles. And for shower gels and shampoos, use soap and shampoo bars!
  • Finally, for home cleaning, reduce the number of cleaning products you use and try to buy them in bulk. And remember that there are lots of good and efficient natural recipes to make your own cleaning products with lemon, white vinegar and baking soda.

We have to be aware that we do not need so many plastic bottles, and that it is very easy to stop using them.

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