Everyday we are more and more the people who are concerned about our health and the environment. More and more those who are taking steps to leave this world a better place than we found it. And when it comes to plastic, we are more and more who are becoming aware of the problem caused by the use of disposable plastic, and its consequences. That is why we are pleased to see and hear that our message is, slowly but surely, getting through and we are many the people who have decided to live plastic free.

Today we want to encourage and motivate you with a positive example that comes all the way from Australia, Two Hands Project.

The origin

Two Hands Project is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 by Paul Sharp and Silke Stuckenbrock in Australia.

Paul has worked ‘hands on’ in marine education and shark conservation for over thirty years. Silke is an award-winning photographer who works on land and underwater. Since moving to Australia in 2003, Silke has volunteered for a number of ocean conservation groups, including the EcoDivers and Australian Seabird Rescue.

Through their works and collaborations they realized that, in the marine environment in which they moved, the amount of garbage was continuously increasing, and became aware of the problems that, above all, plastics were causing in birds and marine wildlife.

In 2010, they decided to found this project to educate the Australian public on the effects, dangers and consequences of this problem.

The message

His original idea is very simple:

“Take two hands and 30 minutes to clean up (y)our world anytime, anywhere”.

Two Hands Project is all about what you can do with your two hands to clean up our world, as well as sharing (y)our clean ups!

As Silke and Paul point out, there is no excuses for failing to pick up garbage from our sea shores even when we are in a hurry or just walk with bare hands. “The trick is to prioritise collecting items that will do the most damage to wildlife”. In a quickie or limited Two Hands clean up scenario, they suggest you focus on plastic bags and plastic packaging, small hard plastic (e.g. bottle tops), fishing line and fishing gear, balloons, straws, drinking bottles,cans or food and take-away containers.

The idea is not only to simply clean up unsightly trash in one of your favorite places but also promote, document and share every taken action to improve the health of our oceans in order to raise awareness of the danger involved in using plastic.

Six years later it seems their message is catching on because there are many people who perform and document their daily actions. They managed more than 45,000 followers on Facebook, raise funds to promote research on the impact that plastics have on the marine environment, collect signatures to change the laws of their government and give countless presentations and workshops on plastic pollution and its impact on nature.

Therefore, Take the plunge and use your two hands! It’s easy, it’s fun.

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  1. Congratulations Paul and Silke! Yours is such a powerful message and entirely worthy of sharing over and again. I really like how you encourage everyone who picks up some plastic waste to share it on social media as a way of raising awareness and spreading the word. After all, this is the way to gain more like-minded souls to help us along the journey!
    Inspired and grateful,

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